Musings – Ughh!!! Those Legs!

12 08 2007


Sideshow got me excited about their next pair of The Lord of the Rings 1/6 figures with headshots of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee on their website. I made a mental note to go for their pre-orders when they are available at the local store. Lo and behold, the POs appear on the local store’s website along with Sideshow’s pictures of the full figures. Honestly, them Hobbits looked really weird… down below!

These pictures from Sideshow’s website reveal how awful the legs look! 2 different skin colours with equally awful *gulp* ankles. Those calves are awkwardly skinny for a race who travels extensively barefooted! At least it was some distance to Mount Doom from the Shire that the Ringbearer and his aide had to walk which would warrant a more athletic set of calves! I’m having second thoughts about acquiring these guys. They were good characters from the movie. It’s a shame that the lower quarter of their figures is translated so bad!

However, I may just get Sam for his pots and pans. But then who’s Samwise the Brave without Frodo the Ringbearer?

*All pictures are from the Sideshow website.




7 responses

21 08 2007

Hideous I say.

22 08 2007

The body is Hot Toys….. and people wonder why they’re paying 70$ for a shorter figure.

22 08 2007

I’m wondering too. Thought they will come in a pair! Something reminiscent of some of the Hasbro Star wars packs.

23 08 2007

Unfortunately it’s 70 for each. There’s talk of a “2-pack” Palpatine/Sidious, though I think that’ll be a head swap, maybe an extra clothes set, I hope it’s a ROTJ Sidious though.

23 08 2007

That’s great news. It’s about time the Emperor appears. But if we are talking about Palpatine… we might be looking at a Prequel Sidious. No matter what, I’ll want him!

24 08 2007
25 08 2007

Not too Ian McDiarmid for the Palpatine sculpt. Thanks for sharing the pic.

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