Musings – Space Scarcity In 12 Inch Land

6 08 2007

“Where else can I put my AT-AT without having it collecting dust?”

“Where to relocate Jabba and his throne set?”

“Should I break up my Fett and Vader Shrine to give priority to height constraints?”

These are some of the thoughts going through my mind these days as I survey my display cabinet. I had trouble recently finding space in it for my Hot Toys Rambo III figure. It ended up having to face sideways to ‘fit’ in. Space is getting scarcer these days. The Rambo First Blood figure may not be allowed to hold up his M60 in a firing position anymore. The same for Robocop. The red blades of the Sith’s lightsabers may have to be extinguished to just the hilts. Over population in 12 inch land has seen the lines originally drawn to differentiate toy genres consistently crossed, infringed upon on a permanent status.

That’s the difference with toys 12″ in size or 1/6 in scale. They take up space when you don’t watch what you buy carefully. It starts out with an empty new cabinet that looked like acres of space. The landlord then goes shopping for tenants. The celebrity tenants stream in pretty quickly and acres suddenly became meters and then… centimeters.

I still have 2 relatively empty shelves but they aren’t high enough for 12″ stuff. I’ve tried reserving them for figures suitable for prone positions like the Alien Warrior. I was banking on Medicom’s Black Spiderman doing a nice squat pose but he sadly was not up to it. Maybe my SWAT team can some knee-bending movement poses to shave some inches. Maybe I’ll string up Supe and Bats in flying mode.




3 responses

11 08 2007

Pix vince pix please!

11 08 2007

Hi Shaun,
I am planning for them for the blog’s 1st anniversary at the end of this month!

12 08 2007

yay! looking forward to them Vince!

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