Comics – Transformers: War Within Vol 1

4 08 2007

Transformers: War Within Vol 1

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If you’ve always wondered what Optimus Prime’s occupation was before he became leader of the Autobots, War Within is the comic you should pick up. Written by Simon Furman and pencilled by Dan Figueroa, Transformers: War Within is set some 4 million years before Transformers came to Earth. 4 million years! Optimus was Prime for a substantially long time!

And to answer the earlier question – clerk. Yes, Optimus was a clerk on Cybertron before he was given the mantle of Prime by the council. To be accurate, his designation on Cybertron then was an ‘archivist’. And the weird thing was he was a big lumbering-looking non-combat transformer sitting behind the desk.

And since the setting of this story is pre-Earth, all the Transformers appear in their Cybertronian form. Optimus’ alternate mode was an equally massive vehicle. However, the most alarmingly huge fella was Grimlock. Figueroa had one of his arms three times the width of his head! He was massive! Power is therefore implied!

Most of the G1 transformers from both sides appear in War Within. And as usual, they were at each other’s throats. With an untested leader at the helm, the Autobots seem to be losing ground, hammered at all sides. Many of them were unsure if Optimus Prime was able to get them out of the mess. They wanted to trust him but it’s hard to ignore the disadvantage of newness in the midst of battle.

While I found the story of War Within not too memorable, I enjoyed the pencils and the colourful inks panel to panel. Figueroa’s pencils are good although it’s a different effect from Pat Lee’s. I still preferred the latter’s pencils. The anime style just makes Optimus looks so good!

Nevertheless, War Within is still a good read if you’ve always wondered what transpired on Cybertron. In a way, it’s pretty much the same thing except for the different environment. Both the Autobots and Decepticons are still pummeling one another.




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14 08 2007

I always assumed that Optimus was a Sous Chef before he became leader of the Autobots.

Usually I steer clear of the Transformers titles, because they’re so forgettable. This looks like it might be worth checking out.

14 08 2007
Great White Snark

Assuming, of course, that it also reveals Starscream’s previous employment as a copier-machine salesman.

14 08 2007
Great White Snark

By the way, what widget are you using to display your “last comic read”? That seems like something I might want to stick on my blog.

14 08 2007

Hi gwh1teadmin,
Pat Lee’s work on the G1 titles are worth checking out as well.

Hi Great White Snark,
I’m using the Flickr widget. But in this case, all the pics I have in my account are just comic book titles. I kinda wish they could allow selecting an album within my account for rss through this widget someday.

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