Musings – Another Rambo Figure From Hot Toys

2 08 2007

Fresh from my review of the Hot toys Rambo III figure, I popped over to Hot Toys’ website and was shocked to find another Rambo figure. And the frustrating thing is that this figure is the one I had wanted for First Blood! I would have gladly traded in the earlier First Blood figure for this! Hot Toys has a knack for such things when it comes to deciding what to produce for seemingly limited franchises.

They added a flight pack to the same Robocop figure from that franchise’s first product release and it was Robocop III.  Frustrating for those who snapped up the first Robocop! They swopped the head of the Alien Warrior and different species came out. They finished with AVP and they had the ancient predator and now the hunter from Predator 2! Grrrrr!!!

This latest Rambo figure looks so much better than the earlier First Blood figure! I wanted that green jacket and that red shirt! Aw… looks like this guy will be on my list. Another Rambo!

So my prediction is that a more horizontally challenged figure will be produced for the coming John Rambo movie and I am sure that I’ll not be getting it!




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4 08 2007

I’m sure they learned all these tricks from Hasbro.

4 08 2007

Yeah man. The Rambo sculpts are improving with each release.

4 08 2007

Really looks great, but where are all the guns? lol.

5 08 2007

The guns are with the original First Blood figure! This guy has only a combat knife I believe. Why can’t they merge both figures!?

5 08 2007

Not to mention the whole milking the franchise issue, but how about experience?

This year has been quite special for HT, more and more figures with better and better headsculpts. The Rambo line is pretty indicative of the trend, with this Rambo having a near perfect sculpt compared to the ones having come before it.

If ever HT snagged the Star Wars license…well suffice to say my wallet would consider suicide I guess. While many people seem to be content with the Sideshow pieces (why shouldn’t they at that price), I never felt their human likenesses to be all that great, there always seems to be something off for some reason.

5 08 2007

You are right about HT’s sculpt being better than Sideshow’s. The latter is not that strong when it comes to human likeness. Their non-humans are better… Kit Fisto, Plo Koon. But HT seems to winning on all fronts… accessories, clothes, box design.

HT is creeping at the edge of the Star Wars license with the chubby range. I hope they snag the 1/6 license but it’ll be some wallet-ache buying Jedi again.

5 08 2007

Not too sure it’ll be that expensive, Medicom SW stuff averages out at 150$ (though you can find them for considerably cheaper), if it stays in the same price range I wouldn’t see that big of an issue.

The problem is I already have every SW figure (apart from ROTJ Vader) from the Medicom Star Wars line, I’ve pre-ordered Boba, Jango, and Maul. It would be very hard for me to justify buying essentially the same characters from a different company. They would really have to be above and beyond Medi’s offerings which keep evolving as well, Maul and jango headscuplts being a giant leap forward compared to the Luke of several years ago.

There’s also the fact that I haven’t seen an HT character with an armor suit over a normal body yet; the space marine body armor is minimal, Robocop has no under-body, he’s all armor….

In the end, if HT ever pops out SW characters that look like more articulate Marmits…..then I’m gonna have to start selling my Medis.

6 08 2007

Hmm… yeah, there’s no full armoured HT figure so far.

Would you sell off your Medi troopers? They are of the type of figures that we can always have more right? 😛

I have zilch figures from the SW Medi line. Waiting for SS to produce a vader before I decide. But I’ve also PO-ed the Fetts! Can’t miss this duo. Medi Maul is another must-PO!

There’s no doubt HT is building an impressive portfolio of work with the licenses they have! I wonder which license they will acquire next? 24? Ha.

6 08 2007

If HT produces a well articulated and accurate Stormtrooper, then yes I would sell my Medi Stormy. Of course I’d need to see a Vader, Sandtrooper, and Blackhole Trooper before I sell those as well.

SS’ issue with armored troopers and Vader is cost I think. The crappy body issue will be a moot point soon as it seems they’re collaborating with HT on that front which would raise costs in my opinion; the pricing of the New Generation Life bodies are already half the price of a standard SS boxed figure.

It’s funny, I changed bodies for the SS Endor trooper using the HT Caucasian NGL body, I paid 40$ for the SS Endor Trooper and 28$ for the HT body!!

To live up to customer expectations of quality and accuracy there will be no way that SS would be pricing those potential armored figures within the same price bracket as previous unarmored releases. It’s not like they haven’t made armored characters, both Vader and Boba come as Premium Format, yet those cost 300~350$, reduce the scale and add an articulated body, what kind of price should one expect?

6 08 2007

lol, I know your love for 24, guess you’re lucky that Medi’s the only decent manufacturer with that license.

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