Travel – Taipei 2007 Pitstop #1: Wan Nian Commercial Building (Wan Nian Shang Ye Da Sha)

18 07 2007

Spotted the 1st toy pitstop, Wan Nian Commercial Building, on the first night at Taipei. It sits at the intersection of Xi Ning South Road (sometimes indicated as Si Ning S Rd on maps) and Emei Street (actually pronounced as Er Mei Street) in the popular Xi Men Ding area.

For the uninitiated in Mandarin, ‘road’ is called ‘lu’, ‘street’ is called ‘jie’ and south is ‘nan’. So foreigners can ask, “Where is Er Mei Jie and Xi Ning Nan Lu?” if they require directions to Wan Nian Commercial Building. For the Mandarin pronunciation of the building, please see the title of this post. ‘Wan Nian’ is sufficient since this was how I noticed the locals refer to it. Ok, now on to the pitstop!

Heading into the building, the building directory gives an indication of where the toy shops are probably located – 1F to 4F. To be precise, the toys shops are scattered from 2F to 4F. B1 is a good place to head to for food after all that walking around.

Heading up to 4F by means of the escalator, I was most excited to see a big display shelf filled with Gundams in it. “Hit the jackpot! Let the hunt begin!”, I thought to myself. 4F probably has the most toy shops. However, most caters to model kits(e.g. Gundam, planes, ships, tanks, etc.)… and model cars. The later are a rather beautiful lot. What would be of some interest to me are probably chogokins. Unfortunately, no 1/6 stuff in sight. It’s Michael Bay Transformers season so Hasbro Transformers toys from the movie are displayed at the front of most shops but not in large quantities though.

3F has fewer toy shops. The only shop here that I’ve heard of is the Gway Gway Gun Shop. It’s a replica firearm shop. Pretty good arsenal of replica weapons line the display shelves on both sides of the shop’s walls. And… this is the shop with the most quantity of 1/6 figures for sale. And it is not a lot. And the selection isn’t great. It’s rather poor. No Medicom, Hot Toys, Enterbay or Sideshow here. Just some old Dragon figures. The selection is a small fraction of what I have seen in Hong Kong’s UML hobby stores. But do visit Guay Guay for the guns!

2F has 2 shops that are of interest – Hot Dog Toyz and an unnamed shop. This particular branch of Hot Dog Toyz carries a small number of Medicom 1/6. The latest of Medicom figures I spotted was the Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee. There was 1 Medicom Stormtrooper. The remaining are the older Medicom 1/6 figures. Other stuff that can be found here are chogokins, super sentai, Saint Seiya, anime stuff and the venerable Gundam. My advice would be to visit its other branch as highlighted in this post.

The Unnamed Shop carries more Sideshow and Hasbro Star Wars stuff. I spotted a Leia Boussh 1/6 figure here. A minimal number of Master Replica stuff are on display here as well. Happy to see something familiar but honestly nothing spectacular.

Wan Nian as a toy hunt location really pales in comparison to Hong Kong’s CTMA Centre. For the 1/6 hunter, there’s not much here worth buying to cart home in your luggage. Prices reveal no real bargains. The closest to something rare in the 1/6 aspect would probably be found in Hot Dog Toyz. Gundam kits, however, are aplenty and if these are overpriced in your country, this may be the place to get it. Prices for kits are cheaper… similar to the Hong Kong Gundam kit scene. If you are a fan of model cars (e.g. lambo, porshe, F1, AE86, WRX, etc.), the shops here seem well stocked.

What Wan Nian excels though is its numerous fashion clothes shops. The fashion hunter will win the day here anytime. The selection range is good. The toy hunter will not have a problem dropping off the lady here to go find toys in peace. They will be lost longer than you can look at toys. So set a time to meet to prevent the tables turned on you! The food level in Basement 1 is also home to many savory food. Remember to check it out.

And oh, there’s an Internet cafe at the top level of Wan Nian should you need access. Pretty hard to find Internet services in the city.




13 responses

26 07 2007

Damn! I would love to visit this place!

Actually, the idea of going to Taipei for a toy show is just awesome!

Great Taiwan photos you have!

27 07 2007

Hi eddie,
I would welcome having a toy show to visit while I am there too. At least all toy vendors congregate at the same place for us to browse!

Btw, the Taipei Toy Festival was held recently on the earlier weeks of July.

5 08 2007

Thanks man, for pointing me in the right directon. I will be heading to Taipei tonight.

5 08 2007

Hi teinshan,
No prob. Glad to be of help. It’ll be great if you could visit Monster Taipei to see if there are any custom 1/6 stuff there. Let us know if you do visit it.

15 03 2008

hi SWftoy
I will go to Taipei on next month your blog help me very much to find out the place to shop the toys ( Gunpla)
but i want to know the cost of it espectially in gunpla
and I know that the underground market is the other place that i can find it ??
in my country i can buy it in rate of 0.35-0.4 multiplied japan yen = …THB
( 1 TWD=1.2 THB) thank you

20 05 2008

Like to express my thanks to you for creating this blog posting. I managed to find the building based on your info and boy did I get what I wanted. Now I’m a happy man with more Gundam collection! I’ll be heading to Hong Kong next, sure going to those places u recommend!

24 10 2008

I’m living in Taipei at the moment.
Happened to chance upon this page. I actually went there past weekend, it’s a great place for toy hunters! Not many such shops around Taipei, especially this many in a single building.

I’ll try to contribute some locations too if I find more 😉

7 05 2009

gosh, i miss this place. been here and the stuffs were amazing…

7 05 2009

been to these toy stores in Ximending! Gosh, we loved it…the stuffs here were really amazing! nice collections & good qualities!

28 04 2010

Hi! I been to taiwan twice and been to the Wan Nian building which have many shops selling toys. I would like to know is anyone know whether have any website which selling those model kits online and they do ship to singapore. Pls let me know asap. Thanks.

23 12 2012

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me regarding this web site and at the moment this time I am browsing this site and reading very informative articles or reviews at this time.

3 09 2013

whats the mode of payment when purchasing model kit? credit or cash?
thanks in advance

9 10 2014
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