Review – Sideshow Star Wars 12″ Plo Koon

8 07 2007

“Ay… who is this guy?”, asked Mrs SWFToys when she saw the box of my Sideshow Plo Koon on my computer table. She went over and inspected it closely. “Who’s Plonk Koon?”, she blurted. “It’s Plo Koon! P-L-O. Plo Koon!”, I explained exasperatedly. Can’t really blame her, Star Wars’ galactic-wide names can be quite a challenge to pronounce! But then in this case, she was not entirely wrong. Afterall, Plo Koon was originally named Plonkoon until George changed it.


With Plo Koon, I recalled the moment when a blue Jedi starfighter came on the big screen during Revenge of the Sith and I watched it with an inevitable sense of dread. It was the Order 66 scene which saw clones piloted ARC-170 starfighters firing on that Jedi starfighter in which was the Kel Dor Jedi Master Plo Koon. His cockpit spitted sparks and then fire engulfed it. Plo Koon was thrown forward. The broken Delta-7 Aethersprite spun out of control and smashed itself into pieces. That was the last time Star Wars fans saw Jedi ace Plo Koon.

If the Order 66 scene had been filmed before the advent of mobile messaging, people would have heralded Star Wars for envisioning the power and reach of the SMS. All it took was one message and the job gets done. One message and Chancellor became the Galactic Emperor. Jedi became outlaws and the Temple became rubble.

Anyway, with Plo Koon now on my Jedi Council, I’m looking forward to Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi! The less dearer compatriot of Plo Koon and fellow Order 66 victim whom was highly sought after by me back when Hasbro ruled the Star Wars 12″ scene. For that matte, I also hunger for those Jedi who has yet seen a 1/6 tribute – master Zabrak swordsman Agen Kolar and famed starfighter pilot Saesee Tiin. Both these great characters unfortunately went down in seconds during the Palpatine office duel due to an ‘order’ from George Lucas. Though passed on in Star Wars lore, these great Jedi lives in the hearts of all fans.

Now onto the review!


The main plus point for Sideshow’s 12″ Plo Koon is the face sculpt. It looks perfect and comes with tons of alien details. Accessories offered are pretty much the standard array for the Order of the Jedi line. Not too stable. Definitely require the assistance of the display stand for more athletic poses. Has its own unique robe. Overall, a great figure of a great Jedi Master! A must for Star Wars fans.

What’s good:

  • Nice detailed sculpt of Plo Koon.
  • Good tailoring of clothes.
  • Good overall construction and details.
  • Collector friendly box.
  • Unique robe.

What could be better:

  • Uninspiring box art.
  • Not too stable.
  • Some fresh injection of imagination in the accessories required.
  • Robe’s hood has no underwire.

Review Details


Although it is the latest release from the Order of the Jedi line from Sideshow, it’s box art has deviated to the Militaries of Star Wars line. So what we have instead of the cool portrait shots of the figure on the front of the box, we now get the full figure against the plain black and green background seen from the Endor Rebel Commando series.

Cutting cost on design? I don’t know but it definitely is a retrograde in visual aesthetics. Apart from this, the packaging is collector friendly. No adhesive tapes mean nothing to put a knife too. The magnetic flap is as awesome as ever. Makes one wonders what is the next major innovation to come out of this department!


Plo Koon’s head is probably the best part about this figure. It’s sculpted beautifully and… accurately. At least, this was how I remembered Plo Koon in his few fleeting scenes in the Prequels. The facial details with the distinctive goggles and breathing mask is all very well produced. One of the best thing this figures give the Star Wars fans is the chance to examine up close this Kel Dor’s head! And that was what I did. Really superb sculpt!

Too bad the mask and goggles are not removable. I would have wanted to look upon his real face ‘with my own eyes’.

Quality of Product

The quality of this figure is similar to the other Sideshow releases for the Order of the Jedi line. The 1/6 body used underneath is very capable in terms of articulation. If there is any articulation issues, they are likely due to the amount of clothes weighing down on the figure.

The clothes on Plo Koon bear the same distinction of tailoring excellence that is consistent with Sideshow’s Star Wars line since the release of its first figure. Very fitting and looking good to the eye, one has no doubt that we have a Jedi Council member here. Speaking of Jedi, Plo Koon’s Jedi robe is a unique outfit. Yes, it is not some rehash of a standard robe. It looks rather complicated at the onset.

I had to fiddle with it for a while, taking reference from the box art to get it right. And for the first time, we have buttons on the robe. It’s definitely one of the nicer robes to me. A refreshing different galactic style which brought to mind the words – Reverand, Pastoral and Monk-ish.

I got to the hood and was trying to style it when I realise there’s no underwire at the edge. The previous Jedi robes had a wire in the hood which helps to maintain the shape of the hood when it is worn. Plo Koon’s hood is really only cloth and I could not get the same look as from the movies. The wire is important because the hood’s material is thick and does not rest fluidly around the figure. Instead, it is rigid and sticks out unsightly easily. In fact, it is very KKK!

Check out those red veins on Plo Koon’s hands as well. This Jedi has 4 fingers per hand of which the middle finger is the largest! You wouldn’t want to get into a ‘hand signal’ war with this fella!


Unfortunately, this is one area Plo Koon does not excel. It’s stability level is somewhat similar to the Sideshow Han Solo. I guess there is really too little surface contact from the soles of the boots when they are flat on the ground. Definitely needs more effort to balance this fella in a standing position. Use of the display stand is a must for long term display!

The high boots also restricts ankle articulation. A pity because the Sideshow nude body has thus far been very articulate.


Here’s a list of the accessories that come with Sideshow’s Plo Koon:

  • Lightsaber hilt
  • Ignited blue lightsaber
  • Jedi Food Capsules (on belt)
  • Jedi Holoprojector
  • Jedi Communicator
  • Pair of saber grip hands
  • Display stand

Being the non-exclusive version, the accessories that come with Plo Koon really seem ordinary. They are really the same stuff found with the other Jedi from Sideshow so far. Maybe the sameness in possessions is to adhere to the law of ‘Thou shalt not covet another Jedi possessions’ practiced in the Temple. Anyway, I’d really hope the Rancor Bone effect from Sideshow’s Luke can hit the designers again. Maybe we really know too little about Plo Koon to know what other personal stuff he carries under his robe. Hmm… maybe a rabbit game for stew in the field? The lightsaber gauntlet was cool but it went the way of the exclusive.

One thing to note about the pair of saber grip hands is that the thumb and index finger is molded together. So don’t try to pry them open unknowingly. Being stuck together also means that it is a tight fit for the lightsaber hilt to go through. While the ‘skin’ of the figure is tough, try not to put the lightsaber through the hands too often.




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