Announcements – SWFToys Heading to Taipei!

6 07 2007

Ok, so the prospect of boarding a plane and sitting in it for hours is before me again. This time, Taipei is the destination. I’ll be there from 18 July till 24 July. Somehow, after reading in the forums of other toy hunter’s experience, Taipei seems really no where near Hong Kong in the 1/6 aspect. A little disappointed but better now than being disappointed when on the ground.

Anyway, I believe there will be toys of other interest there. Thanks to some tips from Kenny, I would be having something to do in other areas of Taipei which would be more of a shopping haven to Mrs SWFToys! Blessed with good topo skills, I will be tracking the proximity of where we are from toy hotspots at all times. If they are within striking distance, I’ll probably excuse myself for a ‘short’ while when Mrs SWFToys is being occupied by the fashion sensory overload.

So, no particular targets for me for this particular trip. Not 1/6 at least. Maybe some harder to come by Gundam kits – like those from the G series. Or some Transformer toys from Hasbro? Well, I can break these out and have a swell time playing on the plane back! Just a thought.

Onwards to Taipei!






3 responses

16 07 2007

have a great trip Vince, looking forward to your toy travel reports as always

16 07 2007

Have fun! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

17 07 2007

Hi Shaun and Ken,
Thanks! Let’s see what I can find… besides food!

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