Review – Medicom 12″ Black Spiderman 3 (Movie version)

30 06 2007

Medicom’s symbiote Spiderman swings by SWFToys just in time to make it as the last review of June 2007. No doubt riding on the hype of the Spiderman 3 movie, it is also the only figure I pre-ordered. Skipped the red Spidey and Venom because I wasn’t too convinced of the excellence of this Medicom’s line of products. The promo pics just did not give a ‘wow’ factor. I guess Spidey’s head just did not sit down well with me and I am more cautious of Medicom’s stuff these days. Read more about the head in this review.

As the potential of comic superheroes is seeing an awakening of late with all the Hollywood movies coming out, it is my wish that other 1/6 producers will get a shot at producing the many characters in the comic universe. Well, at least I hope Hot Toys and Sideshow will get a piece of this huge pie for the benefit of us collectors. There are still so many characters that could be produced that will no doubt be a sellout. Think Iron Man, Thor, a good Wolverine, a good Jim Lee Magneto, Iron Fist, Hulk.. the list goes on. And these are just from the Marvel universe! What about DC comics and the rest? It’s really an under tapped tremendously hot pot of gold. For us collectors, we just want a good piece of these characters.

Somehow, only statues and busts are digging these superheroes mines extensively. Let’s hope for a break for the 1/6 format is within sight!

On to the review…




Medicom’s Black Spiderman comes in 3 pieces (well, 4 if you count the display stand) – figure and a pair of hands. And Spidey wears no bandolier or any other accessories. In this respect, it’s a pricey figure riding on the excitement of the movie. Once again, it’s not 1/6 scale. This accentuates the weird shape of the head as it is already rather small. Several factors also result in a lack of articulation usually attributed to Marvel’s webslinger. Surprisingly, the only highs I realise is the well-tailored suit and the novelty of finally having Spiderman (and black too!) on my display shelf!

What’s good:

  • Well-tailored outfit.
  • It’s a black Spidey!
  • Stable figure.

What could be better:

  • Weird head shape.
  • Lack of accessories.
  • Not true 1/6 scale… again.
  • Don’t expect comic book like articulation.
  • Severe lack of good hands.
  • Pricey for the little you get from this package.
  • The usual abysmal Medicom display stand.

Review Details


The box art for Medicom’s Black Spiderman is really… just a notch better than their X3 Wolverine. The difference is only a better front box art. I guess the lack of ‘wow’ factor is also due to the fatigue felt by those who had seen Spiderman 3 posters from the preview stage and well through its release on the big screen. They are essentially similar. Maybe a tad too similar to the movie poster to generate new interest. It’s proportionate in this case.

Nevertheless, I realised the effect of the boxes was different when you put all 3 Medicom Spiderman 3 (Venom, Red and Black spidey) boxes together. Check out Shaun Wong’s pics here to marvel at how the boxes look much better suddenly! I believe dropping that left column with the movie’s blocky Spiderman 3 type face would be better.

However, the box is collector-friendly. It’s pretty much the standard design from Medicom in this aspect. No twisty wires holding the figure and the accessories. That’s the job of several well thought out plastic trays with a simple but effect securing mechanism.


While this figure leaves no doubt that it is Spiderman in the symbiote costume, the sculpt of head’s shape is rather weird. I believe the upper half of the head is too big. To be more precise, the temple area is bulging making the entire head too round at the top. You can hardly see the outline of the human head. Remember Spidey has a human face inside the mask?

It doesn’t help that the head is more closer 1/7 scale which makes the disproportion seem more evident. The extra width on the head is really unsuitable for the head’s height. Maybe Peter Parker has something of an African Afro underneath that mask. Fortunately, the disproportion is not obvious when viewed from a distance. Helpful when it is placed on a higher shelf.

As with the comic version of Medicom’s Spiderman, the material used for the mask is different from the rubber on the suit. It’s more like molded plastic. Fortunately, the difference in material is not too noticeable.


Quality of Product

Since there are hardly any accessories included with Medicom’s Black Spiderman, the main focus falls naturally on the figure itself… and the black suit. And Spiderman’s uniform is where the figure excels. It is very well tailored. Take time to observe the stitches on the uniform. It’s a marvel really because I could never had done something so precise like this! It fits very well to the nude body underneath. And I am thankful that Medicom’s body is not one of those super slim waist types seen in the upcoming Magneto and Punisher figures!

The uniform is also accurate to its counterpart seen in the movie. You will find those familiar honeycomb patterns on the uniform which gives the material a high-tech look to it. The outlines of the web patterns on Spidey’s suit is also 3D. Run your finger through them to get a high.

The spider insignia on the chest and back are also just about perfect. No complains here. In fact, they are pretty good looking.

The cuffs of the suit are also purposely made longer to hide the wrist joints of the removable hands. This thoughtful extra length of rubber goes a long way for us collectors!


This figure is very stable standing upright. Once again, this is due to it being a no frills figure without big clothes or overhanging cumbersome accessories. The high-cut boots helps to make the feet rigid. Unfortunately, the boots also limit ankle articulation making poses requiring the bending of the knees difficult.


Poseability also takes a hit with the tight rubber suit which hinders leg movements to some extent. I was unable to make those poses with intertwining legs usually associated with Spiderman when he is swinging or perching on top of a building. Did not have fun in this area. Maybe I am not pushing this guy hard enough!


Accessories that come with Medicom’s Black Spiderman are really only an extra pair of hands. They are

  • a left web shooting hand and
  • a right climbing hand.

Yes, there are no clenched fists or hands you can use to grab your own custom made spider web. The first disappointment is the lack of hands for alternate poses. And I thought clenched fists were one of the most basic fist configurations for superheroes! What happened to allowing Spidey to be suspended upside down grabbing to a strand of web?

The second problem is what seems to be a half-hearted offering of basic Spiderman hand configurations. For the web shooting hand, I would have expected the availability of a corresponding right hand as well. Why limit this figure to just shooting with a left hand? Why not allow the figure to make poses reminiscent of Spiderman shooting those globs of web at an enemy? And Spidey uses both hands for this by the way.

The third problem is that the climbing hand is really… just a climbing hand. It’s applicability is rather limited. If used when Spidey is not climbing, it really reminds me of a hand action usually associated with Venom. Not very Spiderman-like in my opinion. The sad thing is that 50% of the extra hands is already severely limited.

The lack of value from the accessories department really makes this Medicom’s Spiderman really pricey. What I would deemed better would have been a more useful set of hands. Maybe throw in a Peter Parker head as well. Hey, look at Hot Toys’ Clark Kent.

In conclusion, it’s hard to believe the same company that saw the production of the Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee was behind this product as well. And the display stand is still abysmal.






8 responses

12 07 2007

I don’t think the material of the suit is rubber…

I believe you’re being a little harsh on this figure, especially considering that last remark about Medicom in your closing sentence.

The Spider-Man 3 line of figures by Medicom are still the best ones you can find out there right now that best represents the movie characters. My thoughts.

and btw, in the films, the actor had to wear a special helmet underneath the spidey mask. Medicom took that factor out of their figure it looks like, so the shape should be of an actual human head without the inner helmet. The shape looks fine to me, it’s justa smidge too small.

Great review still and I agree with you in that the Medicom display stands suck hard.

12 07 2007

Hi James,
Yes, you are right that it’s the best available out there. And that is the sad thing often for the 12″ format as there is a lack of choices. I also find myself saying “it’s the best out there now” so often. That’s why I bought this Spidey!

And I do believe the shape of the head can be better. And it is a shame that it is so small!

13 07 2007

I got the red and black spidey – and although they both look great (i don’t have a problem with the size or shape of the head) – I am disappointed like you about the lack of acessories these Spideys’ have – I also own the amazing comic spidey which has great articulation and loads of acessories…I’m just a tad disappointed that Medicom felt they could cut corners like this. when it comes to scale I avoid displaying my Medicom’s next to Hot Toys, Sideshow or Marmit stuff cos of the closer to 1/7 than 1/6 scale Medicom insists on doing.

Keep up the good work, its always good fun to read your reviews.

13 07 2007

thanks for the plug Vince! 🙂 great review as always. Its a real shame that cos of the rubber suit, this figure isn’t as poseable as the comic versions.

13 07 2007

Hi Mo and Shaun,
Thanks for reading. I must agree that Medicom’s comic Spidey is awesome. I’m considering getting one now. It’s good to know that it poses better than the movie version!

Maybe the thing with the accessories could be due to rushing a product to coincide with the blockbuster’s release?

11 09 2007

I like to say that the RAH spiderman 3 is a bit of a disappointment. Poses are restricted due to the suit and yes the size is abit small. Fortunately Peter Parker in the movie is also a small built character. So I guess there will be no problem displaying it with other 1/6th characters. One think I don’t understand is why is it the webbing on the costume of spidey wasn’t painted according to the movie which is white rather than black like the comic version.

21 06 2008

Just ordered mine from HLJ. Looking forward to receiving it after reading your review! I just love how the guys at Medicom replicated the costume on the figure..

7 07 2009

This figure is IMO a very good attempt at the movie version. It all depends on what kind of age group they wanted to appeal to. If they were aiming at the adult collector, I would have suggested the suit be made of a thinner, almost hosiery type of material. This would be very fragile, but a good adult collector would look after this. If younger people are in the frame, it’s a good idea to make it more robust, which unfortunately makes it thicker and bulkier.

I’m also dissappointed with the lack of hands here, as well as feet. To have a good selection of left and right hands and feet would be an obvious choice, but I do feel that the rush toward a release date has hindered the designers space for imagination.

I still want one, and the Peter Parker figure, with his fleece on and the black suit underneath, is extremely nice, I think he’s lovely in that scene, sooo funny!

Ian, just an observation here. The webbing in the movies are a black (or very dark grey) latex foam, with graphite on the foremost face, giving them a silvery sheen.

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