Travel – Heading to Taipei in 2 Weeks

27 06 2007

My latest travel plans see me heading to Taipei with Mrs SWFToys and her cousin in…. about 2 weeks. I’ve done some scouring on the web for places to shop for 1/6 figures and Taipei is not looking anywhere as exciting (in this aspect) as compared to Hong Kong or Japan. You know it does not look good when you Google ‘taipei 1/6 figure shop’ and information regarding semi-conductor wafers occupy the first 10 links!

So, coming up with a guide for toys seem an uphill challenge. And the first place I looked at was the excellent OneSixthWarrior forum and the following link summarises the many inputs of OSW forumers:


(Pic from postings from Hobby Fanatics. See link below)

What I could pick up from this post that seemed most promising would be this ‘Wang Nian Shopping Centre’. A quick Google on this lead reveals… nothing useful. Very worrying indeed. But then, herein is the challenge for locations with Chinese names. Most of the time, non-Chinese visitors may misspell the pronunciation of the words.

So I tried ‘Wan Nian’ and bingo… hit the jackpot! The place in question is Wan Nian Commercial Building (Wan Nian Shang Ye Da Sha). Located somewhere between Sining South Road and Emei Street in Xi Men Ding, Wan Nian Commercial Building is probably the closest thing to CTMA Centre in Hong Kong and Nakano Broadway in Tokyo. The upper floors seem dedicated to toys! But I’m prepared to see more of model kits, vinyl figures and anime figures dominating the shops there.

Here are some pics and descriptions of Wan Nian Commercial Building:

Short write-up –

Bigger pic of building front –

And it turns out that my hotel should be on Sining South Road! So Wan Nian Commercial Building should be the Pitstop of the highest priority for my trip.

Now, to get a new passport!




7 responses

4 07 2007

Hey, I went Taipei last year and there’s this place called Toys Kingdom (if I recall correctly) that’s worth checking out. But I’m not too sure where though, just that it was rather near San Wan Hotel, which is near the Taipei 101 building.

4 07 2007

Hi Kenny,
Thanks for the tip! I’ll certainly mark it down. What’s there?

4 07 2007

I recall seeing abit of everything at Toy Kingdom. Alot of Gundams and Garos.

There’s another big toy store in one of the shopping malls adjacent to Taipei 101 called Toy Land. That has more up to date stuff.

5 07 2007

Sounds like a great area to do some scouting! I’ve also heard that Taipei has no lack of Gundam kits and they are better priced.

Thanks for the tip, Ken!

5 07 2007

Glad to be of help. Taipei is a pretty fun place so enjoy your trip! =)

1 09 2007

so did u find any shops selling anime figurines? pls tell i m going to taipei soon

1 09 2007

Hi Nano,
See my post on Wan Nian Commercial Building. That should be where you should head to.

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