Review – Hot Toys 12″ T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton

23 06 2007

The Terminator series was certainly one of the most influential science fiction action movies ever. Hot Toys’ release of the the 12″ T-800 Endoskeleton pays tribute to the machine at the center of the time-travelling man-machine struggle of the Terminator story. Who could forget the face of this machine which rised from the flames in the finale of The Terminator? How it’s relentless pursuit of its target saw it terrifying Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor till the last amber filament of its eyes was extinguished forever.

And once extinguished, fans of this movie had to wait some seven years for the Terminator’s eyes to be ignited once more. Called Terminator 2: Judgement Day, news of its production really kicked up euphoria among fans. I was one fan who waited eagerly till its opening at the local cinemas. One notable reason that drove up our adrenaline was news of the superb CG used in this movie. Yes, back then, when T-1000 morphed out of the checkered floor was unbelievable. Shooting gaping holes in the T-1000 was unimaginable and a cyborg that could walk through steel gates was incredible. Yes, as you may have noticed, most of the CG in T2 went into Robert Patrick’s nasty liquid metal T-1000!

And true enough, the movie blew everyone away with its great action sequence, CG and the story of a re-programmed former enemy from the past sent once more to protect a boy of destiny. T2 was one of the few sequels that topped the original movie. In fact, it too good a movie that fans had to wait more than a decade before T3 was released. Somehow, even before watching it, I knew it could not surpass its predecessors. I guess the plot wasn’t compelling. It was more of swapping out a male type of terminator with woman version. Then tweak the story away from protecting John Connor. It bombed for me and was a blip in the otherwise excellent Terminator franchise. But it was great to see Arnold reprise the T-800 role.


With T4 now in the pipeline, let’s hope the movie’s writers come up with an ingenious plot like T2 and get Terminator fans all excited again. Until then, dig this review!


Here is another gem of a 12″ out of Hot Toys. The price tag on this Endoskeleton is more than justified with all the unbelievable details, impressive arsenal of weapons and those super-cool lighted eyes! And it is priced reasonably. Box art is top notch. Certainly one of the best offerings from Hot Toys!

What’s good:

  • Fantastic sculpt.
  • Beautiful box art.
  • Excellent assortment of badass weapons.
  • Lighted eyes are seriously cool.
  • Superb details on figure.
  • Stable figure.
  • Seriously badass figure.

What could be better:

  • Fragile areas
  • Loose parts.
  • Limited wrist articulation.
  • Finger articulation becomes loose fairly quickly.

Review Details


Hot Toy’s Endoskeleton comes in one of the most splendidly designed boxes ever. The glossy sleeve art has a shiny Endoskeleton skull staring right at you with those fiery red eyes. I could only mouth the word “cool” when I first held it in my hands. Removing the sleeve reveals the usual matte surface box with a front flap. The front art of this box is truly wicked with a darker take on this Terminator. You get the idea of how human soldiers felt when they came face to face with a Terminator during night battles!

The rest of the box is similar to the collector friendly design of boxes from Hot Toys. The figure and the accessories are locked down with plastic trays and can be easily removed from their respective slots in the box. This T-800 Endoskeleton’s box art is truly one of the most beautiful ever implemented so far!


We are really expecting a skull… or a metal skull to be exact on the Endoskeleton. Putting this figure next to other of my 12″ figures show that the proportions of the skull is accurate. It is narrower in breadth than the average 1/6 head. This difference caters for the flesh that is not poured over it should the Terminator has no Earth bound duties!

The Endoskeleton’s head with all the good work from Hot Toys in detailing it really looks superb. Eye sockets, nostril cavities, full set of teeth and numerous panel lines left no room for doubt of the accuracy of the Terminators look. To top it all, it possesses a really badass expression helped by the permanently etched frown on its forehead!

Quality of Product

The details on the Endoskeleton is truly amazing. There are tubes, hydraulic looking parts, an entire body tattooed with panel lines and amazingly articulate hands. There’s just so much to ogle at. Did I mention that the hydraulic parts are really movable? And those that are found at the arms and legs move realistically as the joints of the limbs move. It’s really cool.


One gripe I have is that the hydraulics parts are rather loose. It’s shakin’ loose as they trembles when you gently shake the figure or tap the individual parts. So be careful when you move the joints. Make sure you don’t pop out a part!

Hot Toys’ Endoskeleton comes with individually articulate fingers. I counted 4 points of articulation for one finger. 3 points articulate the 3 sections of the finger. The last point allows the fingers to move sideways. Basically, it allows you to let the Endoskeleton cross its fingers. The downside to these highly articulate fingers is that they are fragile. Being small parts, they can become loose easily as well. I’ve got some loose fingers after negotiating them around the triggers of the 3 included weapons.

This Terminator is unlike its tough counterpart in the movies in that it is really a fragile piece. Without the fully molded plastic limbs of the usual 1/6 nude body, it employs several slim plastic rods to mimic where bones would be for a human body. Special care has to be taken when we use out hand to grasp the figure when trying to adjust a part. You do not want your grasping hand to apply too much force to break one of these fragile parts.

There is also limited wrist articulation. I see it more as a design limitation. The designers decided to replace the wrist articulation with an articulation point at the forearm. This allows the forearm and hand to be connected similar to how human bones would connect – just a radius and ulna. It scores in the realism department but articulation takes a hit. To move the hand 360 degrees, you will have to rotate the articulation at the forearm. This limits wrist movement usually required when wielding a heavy weapon.

Fortunately, this next feature of the Endoskeleton really won over my heart. It’s those battery operated lighted eyes! Those red eyes do glow! Uber cool stuff! Thank you Hot Toys! The battery compartment is found at the back of the Endoskeleton and is covered with a removable cover. By default, a plastic strip is inserted between the batteries to create an open circuit. Once removed, you’ll have to press a button at the back and the eyes glow devilishly red! You’ll have to see the pics to decide for yourself the cool factor of this!

It is really amazing the amount of stuff Hot Toys has packed into this figure. There is no doubt that the value factor is high for this product!



Despite having a ball for a heel, Hot Toy’s T-800 Endoskeleton is more stable than the regular 12″ nude body. This is largely due to slightly broader feet and tight joints at the ankles and knees. The tight joints help especially when you make the Endoskeleton wields those big heavy weapons such as the M134 Vulcan and the Plasma Rifle. 1/6 weapons of these sizes usually tip the figure’s CG easily. But with the Endoskeleton, it handles these nasty hardware admirably.


The accessories included with Hot Toys’ Terminator Endoskeleton are one of the highlights. And… they are all weapons… if you discount the display stand. Here is a list of them:

  • Laser Gun
  • Plasma Rifle
  • M134 Vulcan

The most harmless looking weapon here is the Laser Gun which is somewhat a pistol with a scope on it. With the advanced targeting system on the Terminator, I wonder who the scope is meant for. My guess is collectors will pick this weapon last to be wielded on the Endoskeleton for display due to its size.

Next up is the spartan-looking Plasma Rifle. The gunmetal colour applied makes this beastie look heavy. This impression is accentuated by the blocky design of the rifle. The delicate fingers of the Endoskeleton have no problems wrapping around it. This Plasma Rifle certainly makes the Endor Commando’s rifles look puny!

Finally, the M134 Vulcan is reminiscent of the Gatling Arnold wielded at the Cyberdyne building. Well, except that it is the futuristic version of that devastating weapon. While I do not have the technical specifications of the the Vulcan, I could judge by the size of its gaping barrel that it is meant to vapourise targets. Getting the Endoskeleton’s fingers to hold this weapon is a challenge as the handle at the front require the hand to hold it palm down. Thankfully, when all the fingers come together, they do lock onto the handle pretty well.

All three weapons provided are well constructed with good details.





14 responses

30 06 2007

damn solid and detailed review Vince. 🙂 You rock!

2 07 2007

I have one of these too – and it is an amazing figure. I agree the fingers although have great articulation are very loose. Nice review.

2 07 2007

Thanks guys. It’s a really fantastic figure! A joy to examine for this review. 🙂

16 07 2007
Brandon Jones

your absolutely right about this figure. i have one and its the best thing ive ever seen. i dont even touch mine. its on display on the stand in a glass case. i dont want to take the chance of breaking it.

16 07 2007

Hi Brandon,
It’s a tightly assembled figure so you can still enjoy running your fingers through it!

16 07 2007
Josh Knight

Wow. I just ordered mine a few days ago. I can’t wait after reading great reviews like your’s. Thanks for all the info.

17 07 2007

Hi Josh,
You did the right thing to get this beauty! Great site you have. I’ve put a link to it. Keep up the excellent work!

11 08 2007
d.j. derek


I was amazed by the photos of “The Terminator”, Endoskeleton. I saw some previous photos from “Hot Toys” and the Endo almost looked white. Your pictures sold me on buying it. I just ordered one a few days ago. Your review seemed to suggest that the quality was there. Last month I ordered the 1/4 scale TERMINATOR from “Sideshow Toy” for six-hundred dollars and the quality was awful. It was so cheap, to me it was worth about fifty bucks. Paying more doesn’t mean you always get quality. Hopefully I won’t regret this purchase from “Hot Toys,” I returned “The Terminator” back to “Sideshow” and got my money back. I told them I would never buy anything from them again.

P.S. Do you have anymore pictures of “The Terminator” figure, including the box art that you can email to me.

Peace Out,

d.j. derek

11 08 2007

Hi d.j.derek,
Glad you like the pictures. For more pics, you can refer to this post for an alternative take on it:

Sideshow products do disappoint at times but I’m keeping faith with them since they kickstarted the Star Wars 12″ format. They are definitely better than Hasbros!

7 02 2009
AJ febuary9

Nice review I need to buy one ASAP 🙂

11 07 2009

were can i get this from

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