Movies & DVDs – Sideshow Transformer Movie Review

21 06 2007

The Transformers movie is round the corner and I was fortunate enough to spy a review on Sideshow’s website. Be wary though, there are spoilers in it which they have stated right at the start of the review. However, if you have the same spoiler-avoiding reading skill as me (mine developed and trained from skipping 24 spoilers on the FOX website!), you’ll get to enjoy the delicious pics and the bottomline every Transformers fan will want to know before we hit the final lap to the movie’s opening!

What the reviewer wrote about certain scenes will “make you stand up and cheer” really captures the epitome of the emotional high of watching geek favourite movies. It brought to mind the clapping in the cinema when the Star Wars prequels was screened, how fans dressed up to watch the Special Edition releases, how fans were in silent near tear jerking awe as Vader’s mask was seen again on the big screen as it was lowered to cover Anakin’s scarred face. In short, moments in certain movies that the euphoria just makes you wanna do something! Yeahhh!

I hope with the CG, combiners (not too sure if there are any in this movie) will appear as well. Menasor! Predaking! Superion! Devastator! Them on the big screen would be awesome.

Transform and roll out!




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