Movies & DVDs – The Unit Season 1 DVD

19 06 2007


It’s another 5 months before I can lay my hands on the latest 24 DVD and in the meantime, I’ve tracked Dennis Haysbert to the CBS 2006 TV series – The Unit. Lasting 13 episodes in 4 DVDs, it illustrates the lives and… wives of the members of a covert government force known simply as The Unit. Although very highly trained, these men know that an operation gone awry could see them dead or if alive, will see their government deny their affiliation.

The Unit undertakes all sorts of missions – VIP protection, recovery of sensitive objects in foreign soil, recover families of VIPs, kidnapping and hostage situations. In short, almost any operation that the government needs done but not to incur the wrath of the foreign government or the curiosity of the local media.

5 episodes into The Unit and Mrs SWFToys and I are warming up to the cast members. Familiar faces include Dennis Haysbert a.k.a ‘David Palmer’ from my all time favourite TV series – 24! All T2 fans would not have a problem recognising Patrick Stewart a.k.a ‘T-1000’. And Felicity diggers would recognise Scott Foley a.k.a ‘Noel Crane’. And war film junkies may find Max Martini familiar because he appeared in Saving Private Ryan as Corporal Fred Henderson. If my memory serves me right, he should be the guy writhing on the ground and gasping for air after being shot by a sneaky German trooper through the room’s wall. Nice to see him alive and kicking in The Unit.

The Unit, for 24 fans, can be an alternate reality thing where David Palmer’s early military days(alternate history) before he became the POTUS. I found myself wanting to believe that.

Back to reality, The Unit shows the stress of the men’s wives who are always wondering where their husbands really are when they are on a mission. Never knowing if they will be visited by the military’s ‘bad news heralds’ today, these women band together while living on the base to form a support group. Newcomers will have to adjust to the base environment and find definition of their own lives apart from being the wife of a covert operator.

One episode so far has raised the issue of PMCs(Private Military Contractors) and the perks of working… well… as a mercenary. Higher pay and more time with the family is enticing highly trained soldiers and ex-military men into taking up arms for corporations in some of the world’s terror hotbeds. Being a 2006 production, I’m sure any reference to PMCs will have the shadow of the Fallujah incident on it.

Anyway, The Unit has lived up to the praise I have seen over the Internet. With Season 1 only 13 episodes, I’m sure viewers back then was worried if this series will be cancelled. I certainly glad to know that the 2nd season has debuted last year and a 3rd has been announced! Some comfort before 24, the best TV series ever, comes!




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