Incoming – Medicom Black Spiderman 3 (Movie version)

17 06 2007

I could not pass on Medicom’s Black Spiderman after its symbiote comic version Spidey was priced out of my reach. Specifically meant to tie-in with the recent Spiderman 3 movie, the comic fan in me was really excited when I went through promo pics on the Internet. The black Spidey brought back memories of old comics I used to possess back during school days. One of those memorable issues pitted Spiderman against Sabretooth! I had picked that issue up at a local second hand bookstore.

It was also my first introduction to Sabretooth. He looked most devilish with those white eyes. That comic also got me curious about Power Man and Iron Fist as they were mentioned to have trounced Sabretooth before. The pencils was not from Jim Lee but it was drawn just as perfect. For me, it defined the way comics was drawn back in those days. But… I can’t remember which issue it is now. I believe it was an Amazing Spiderman issue.

Anyway, I’ve given the Spiderman 3 red/blue Spidey and Venom a miss. Too many figures to buy during this period… and I still believe Venom should shock the living daylights out of Spiderman with his much bigger built. However, I would still want a red/blue Spidey in my collection someday. The comic version looks good but I may pick up the Spiderman 3 version if this black version comes out good from the Review!

Look for it!





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25 06 2007

hey Vince, glad to see you got it. ST finally got their stock in after the delay? Excellent price they offered for pre-orders IIRC.

25 06 2007

dude, nothing compared to the speed at which you got your Spidey 3 figures. It was quite a delay. Went down the first time without my receipt and the new guy did not know how to match it to my PO in their computer system! Thankfully, i did not go down on purpose to get it! Got it on a second trip.

25 06 2007
Shaun Wong

eh paid more for getting it quickly leh. That’s what happens when no cash to stash for preorders. lol. Preorder Parker with ST already. In the meantime, this will have to do.

26 06 2007

yup, i understand the feeling. one time pain.

the toybiz parker looks sleepy. but it’ll prob look better when you put the camera to his eye. Now you’ve got Clark, Bruce and Pete!

28 06 2007
spiderman 3

if you wanna download spiderman3 check out

10 07 2007
Review - Medicom 12″ Black Spiderman 3 (Movie version) « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] box art for Medicom’s Black Spiderman is really… just a notch better than their X3 Wolverine. […]

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