Incoming – Hot Toys 12″ T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton

9 06 2007

It’s certainly a relieve to capture the Hot Toys T-800 12″ Endoskeleton! It was released some weeks ago in certain local shops. And I started seeing lots of pictures from happy buyers popping up in forums. They really looked fantastic and I was beginning to wonder when my regular local shop will inform me of any pre-orders. There was none by the way, it was just an SMS sent to tell all that the Endoskeleton had arrived. In other words, it was on a first come first served basis! I headed over the first thing after work!

When I finally held the Endoskeleton box in my hands, I was rather amazed at how beautifully designed the box is. I believe it has to be the coolest box design out of Hot Toys. In fact, it beats Medicom and Sideshow hands down. Check out the pics below for other pictures! Good job Hot Toys!

Can’t wait to review it!





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14 06 2007

From the reviews I’ve read I think you’re gonna love it, but be careful about the toes and fingers, supposedly fragile.

15 06 2007

Good tip Gab. I’ll not stress those little things too much! The box looks splendid doesn’t it?

15 06 2007

Freaky would be my choice of words, lol. The inner cover looks real good too. Great pick man!

15 06 2007

this figure is the bomb! i got the regular and battle damaged versions (there isn’t that much difference in the paint, although the battle damaged base is pretty cool). i haven’t taken them out yet, but they look stunning through their little plastic windows don’t they? can’t wait for your pics!

20 06 2007

Freaky…. hmm… that would be teeth for me. It looks pretty real from the close-up on the sleeve!

I must agree that the battle-damaged version’s base would be a drawing point for me to buy it as well! Great catch on both! The endoskeleton is one figure I would not mind having more than 1! Something like stormtroopers…

30 06 2007
Review - Hot Toys 12″ T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] Hot Toy’s Endoskeleton comes in one of the most splendidly designed boxes ever. The glossy sleeve art has a shiny Endoskeleton skull staring right at you with those fiery red eyes. I could only mouth the word “cool” when I first held it in my hands. Removing the sleeve reveals the usual matte surface box with a front flap. The front art of this box is truly wicked with a darker take on this Terminator. You get the idea of how human soldiers felt when they came face to face with a Terminator during night battles! […]

29 09 2009

Hi guys. If anyone has this figure, please tell me this: I activate the eyes and after a minute they start fading (with brand new batteries). PLEASE GOD DAMN IT, is this a “trick” let’s say, or a malfunction from purchase? I notice that I bought it from ebay and it wasn’t brand new. It was in mint condition. Did the previous owner cause problem to the eyes? I don’t think so..

29 09 2009

Oh, and one more thing. I use one battery 364 size in width and one 377. Is that ok? I believe so because they’re the only ones that fit to the back of the figure.

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