Showcase – Hasbro’s Star Wars Emperor And Royal Guard

5 06 2007

Here’s another pair of Hasbro figures that I finally break out from their boxes. It’s the Hasbro 12″ Emperor and Royal Guard. A point of interest shared by both these figures is that none of the current producers of Star Wars 12″ figures has released a new version for either of them. At one point Marmit was on the verge of releasing the red Royal Guard but was canceled much to the dismay of Star Wars fans. The Emperor a.k.a Darth Sidious is also another heavyweight character that has yet to be named in any producers’ pipeline.

So who will be the first to produce either of them? Medicom seems a reasonable favourite since they have gotten in motion their Imperial troop line. In fact, their milking of the Stormtrooper mold (for Shadowtrooper, Sandtrooper) may mean they are spending more time crafting a different mold for another Imperial/Republic soldier… hopefully. And the red Royal Guard does not seem too difficult to produce. I’m sure they can come up with a removable helmet for the Royal Guard unlike Hasbro’s version.

So until the day we see a Red Royal Guard and Emperor out of Medicom, the Hasbro versions are sadly the only ones we collectors get to show in our display cabinets!




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