Musings – KOTOR II End Game Fett Mention

3 06 2007

So I have finally played Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords (KOTOR II) till the very end. Yes, it’s a game released back in 2005. Two years late, I still enjoyed every bit of the multi-coloured lightsaber battles. There’s no doubt that the distinctive sound and glare of the Jedi blade were most accurately rendered in this computer game. Anyway, I just want to save the following screen shot for posterity. My Star Wars fan instinct picked up something familiar with regards to the following conversation as seen in the screenshot below…


A Mandalorian too easily killed by Jedi? My first thought was immediately drawn to Jango Fett. His demise in the hands of Mace Windu at the Geonosis arena was one of the most disappointing ends to a fantastic character in Star Wars movies! I’ll never forget that! It’s nice to have the PC Game genre make reference to the movie genre of the same license.




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10 06 2007

That’s odd. I thought the KOTOR series took place long before the Star Wars movies.

10 06 2007

It does, just that Keira (the character up there), tells you of visions she’s had of the future towards the end of the game.

11 06 2007

Oh… To be honest, I never really quite understood what was going on in KOTOR II. It tries to be too complicated I think.

KOTOR I was much more straight forward.

11 06 2007

True, didn’t help that the developers were rushed to finished KOTOR 2, with lots of scenes and story line endings missing.

11 06 2007

I agree on the complicated part. At certain points I wasn’t sure if the Jedi were for me or against me (i’m with the light)! And I skipped through quite a bit of the converstations… rather long winded. Now the character you play in KOTOR II is known as the Jedi Exile in Star Wars canon!

Nevertheless, still an enjoyable game. Hope that KOTOR III will be mind blowing!

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