Comics – Transformers : Generation One Vol 2

29 05 2007

Transformers : Generation One Vol 2

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Continuing the re-telling of the Transformers Generation One story is Vol 2: War And Peace. Still penciled by Pat Lee, Dreamwave’s War and Peace is set a year after the events in Volume 1. Readers who are not aware of this will probably be expecting continuity from the last page of Volume 1.

Once again, Pat Lee’s art is top-notch. I was lapping up every Autobot and Decepticon with glee with the turn of every page. Pat Lee is able to draw just about every Transformer with their individual faces distinctly even if only their faces are shown in a frame. And every Transformer is drawn sooooo well!

The story takes a different direction from the usual conflicts between the two factions led by Optimus Prime and Megatron. Now, new developments have been progressing in Cybertron while the unknowing Autobots and Decepticons slug it out on Earth. Shockwave seems to have put matters in Cybertron in order and brought peace between the Transformers on Cybertron.

With the house put in order, it is naturally time to deal with the outstanding variable on Earth. How Prime and Megatron reacts to this new order will be left to the reader to find out. But I must say that the story rekindles original stories from the Transformers Generation One cartoon in the 1980s. For example, the prelude to Megatron becoming Galvatron is included as well. And it complements the story in Transformers: The Movie. For G1 fans, it is certainly a welcome to read and see the early Transformers given a new cool factor by the Dreamwave team.

It is also commendable that the Dreamwave team has done a good job weaving the story in War and Peace with a huge cast of Autobots and Decepticons. There are so many Transformers and each wants their time on the page! There’s no doubt that I enjoyed Volume 2 immensely. Watch out for Ultra Magnus out of his armour! Makes me wanna go get the MP-02 Masterpiece!

It’s really a shame that Pat Lee and his team will not be producing anymore Transformers comics now. They really transformed a languishing comic license and made it captivating again. If you’ve enjoyed Volume 1, there’s no doubt Volume 2 should be on your target list!




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