Showcase – Hasbro’s Chancellor Valorum and Coruscant Guard

25 05 2007

Before Sideshow and Medicom rescued the 12″ scene for collectors, Hasbro ruled all with the Star Wars 12″ license. They produced figures in this format which defined for everyone (kids and collectors) what was available out in the market for Star Wars 12″. It was a dark age for all 12″ collectors as the incredible potential of a magnificent license was not tapped because of the lack of imagination. This was most perturbing because Star Wars is the epitome of imagination!

With no reprieve from better figures from other manufacturers, I scoured actively in eBay trying to snare 12″ Hasbros and the occasional Marmit. It was a pretty fun experience really. Trying to outbid competitors. I chuckle to myself even as I recall those moments! And this KBToys exclusive, Chancellor Valorum and Coruscant Guard, was one of those successful captures.

Of course I was overjoyed. In truth, I really wanted the Coruscant Guard only! It’s amazing what a figure with a cool helmet could do in the Star Wars context! Paying the price of 2 for 1! I’m sharing this today because I finally got down to break out these guys. Mrs SWFToys has been telling me to clear some of the more unsightly eBay courier boxes. So the outcome of some of that clearing is this pair of figures.

I certainly hope that Sideshow has planned for the Coruscant Guard and Chancellor Valorum (notice the order!). My plan for the Hasbro figures is going the way of customising work. But that will still take a while to happen.

Until then, enjoy these pics!




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