Review – Medicom 12″ RAH Jack Bauer

23 05 2007


That’s what the most prolific Counter Terrorist Unit(CTU) agent yells at the impasse of impasse. When you hear that, you know that all the sweat and blood bled by Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) still fail to achieve a critical goal. Such scenes never fail to make the 24 fan wonder, “So what’s next?”. Of course the seasoned 24 fan would that know such situations would then require the intervention of a third party to come to Jack’s aid. The hero of the series is still human even with his numerous ingenious acts and incredibly good read of situations. When Jack yells ‘dammit’, 24 fans feel the frustration of this impossibly loyal patriot who has no qualms of getting his hands dirty to save his country. 24 IS one incredible ride!

However, 24 would not have such a powerful effect on its viewers without the excellent, stellar supporting cast. If Jack Bauer is the hero in the field, then David Palmer(played by Dennis Haysbert) is the hero in the Oval Office… well, at least until his term was over. I will always remember the powerful words he said, “Be Presidential!”, to one of his successors in the midst of doubt and fear.

Then there are Tony(Carlos Bernard) and Michelle(Reiko Aylesworth) who grew with the audiences from their fletching CTU careers till they became important cast members rivaling Jack Bauer’s place in fans’ hearts. They failed not the 24 fans. Only the director failed them. 😛

Even the villains were memorable. I recognised Amador during my recent watching of Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End. Marwan was previously The Mummy. Dina Araz appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand, impaled by some spikey head mutant. Kevin Caroll appeared in CSI. And who would not remember Victor Drazen if they had watched Speed?

So if you have not watched one season of 24, you must know that I am so envious of you! There are 5 seasons of this superb TV series that you can enjoy watching marathon-style! I’m eagerly waiting for November!



Very pricey for such a simple figure. You are really paying for Jack’s face and the 24 franchise. Fans of 24 will find it easier to cross these hurdles. The figure is compact and no frills, which helps in its stability. And since this is a figure released sometime ago, do not expect the latest and most articulated body to be used. Medicom’s Jack Bauer does accomplish what it sets out to do – take after the best CTU Agent who only needs a gun, his cell phone and an incredible mind to get through the day.

What’s good:

  • It’s Jack!
  • Good box art.
  • Good sculpt.
  • Good tailoring of clothes!
  • Well constructed hands to complement accessories.
  • Stable figure.

What could be better:

  • Pricey for a simply adorned figure.
  • Small hands, big gun.
  • Not the most articulated body underneath.
  • Proportions of pistol is a suspect.

Review Details


This Jack Bauer figure is meant to take after Kiefer Sutherland’s figure in Season 4 of 24 from 11am to 12pm. And this particular period is clearly emblazoned on the box. It’s a nice touch for a 24 fan like me. Makes me want to remember what happened during that hour in Day 4!

The box art has a nice peek-a-boo take to it. On the onset, the details in the box art are hardly visible. But once under light, the words and pictures give up those secret information about the most formidable CTU Agent! It’s a nice cosmetic effect but its downside is that it prevents a potential buyer from finding more details from the close-up pics. Pretty hard to examine for details!


Kiefer Sutherland does not have the most chiseled of facial features. Sharp is not how I would describe his face. I’ve seen a custom sculpt of Kiefer on the Internet and it looked more like Edward Norton to me.

Medicom’s Jack Bauer has a pretty simple sculpt. It’s simple in terms of details when compared to the Sideshow sculpts today. However, it has very good likeness of the character it is modeled after. And this is what matters for a facesculpt!

Jack Bauer has shown a range of emotions through the seasons of 24. The expression on this Medicom sculpt is one of thoughtful concentration. Posing Jack with his cellphone is especially fitting of the sculpt! Medicom scores in this department!

Quality of Product

This Medicom Jack Bauer is not a recently released product. They were released out of Japan at the start of 2006. It’s just over a year and one will notice that the body of this RAH is already dated. New Medicom products now ship with a better articulated body.

While fiddling with this Jack Bauer figure during the photoshoot, one niggling problem was the wrist articulation. The wrist articulation is rather limiting when it comes to posing as it is the old single piece design. By single piece, I mean the hand and the wrist joint are one unit. This is unlike the new Medicom bodies where the hand and the wrist joint are two separate detachable pieces. This allows the hand to turn 360 degrees and the wrist joint to complement it in whatever needed poses.


This joint constraint at the wrist will prevent proper adjustments to give the best gun aiming pose from this Medicom’s Jack Bauer. The eye line will not meet the target reticle on the pistol sufficiently to give realism in the pose. This is a shame since armed forces these days teach their soldiers to point the weapon where they are looking. This Jack seems to have forgotten that!

This body also comes with rather small delicate looking hands. My goodness! I would expect Jack to play a piano than to rub the skin of his palms sore with all that grasping of his USP Compact pistol! Without details such as veins on the hands, one may suspect this Jack to dig skin care products!

The tailoring of the clothes for this Medicom’s Jack Bauer is very good. The sweat shirt, armoured vest and the pants are all very fitting. I’m so thankful it’s not as baggy like Hot Toy’s First Blood Rambo! The sweat shirt in fact is rather body hugging. The entire look is very sleek. You know that this agent does not want any extra accessory to get in the way of nailing a suspect!


This figure is stable. It’s largely due to it’s compact nature – no backpack, big clothes, helmet, flashlight hanging from the belt, etc. As such it is rather light and finding the CG is pretty simple. Another reason could be the semi high cut boots which allow the ankle joint to have a slightly wider degree of freedom.



Found in this package are the following accessories:

  • Heckler & Koch USP Compact pistol
  • Cell phone
  • Pistol holding hand
  • Cell phone holding hand

The default hands that are found on the figure are normal open palm hands. I believe most of us will prefer fixing on the pistol and cell phone hands. Both these hands meet the requirements of their intended function very well. Both hands grasp their respective items firmly. The cell phone hand looks really good holding the cell phone! Remember my gripe concerning hands in my Sideshow T-800 review? This is how hands should be constructed – functional and serving a purpose!


The Heckler & Koch USP Compact seems out of scale. Not only does it appear too large for the hands, the proportions of the weapon is not accurate as well. It seems longer than a real life USP Compact. But this is a minor gripe. In fact, it still looks great being wielded in the hand of this Medicom Jack Bauer!

It has long been my decision to return to using a clamshell cell phone after watching Jack flipping his cell phone on numerous occasions in 24. What a sucker huh? The clamshell cell phone included in this package is molded in one piece, full black. It would be good if a sticker could be pasted to mimic the screen. Maybe the 24 telephone number could be printed on it! That would be really cool!




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