Incoming – Medicom 12″ Bruce Lee (Enter The Dragon)

17 05 2007

Here’s a real beauty that has leapfrogged its way past other toys I had lined up for Incoming to get pole position! These days I try to do as much homework, examine as many promo pics before I contact the local store to confirm a pre-order of a Medicom product. But when Medicom’s Bruce Lee came by, I was really blown away by how good it looked in the released pictures!

Some effort must have been put into this Bruce Lee sculpt. For one, it is truly excellent. I’ve confirmed it from my open-box-flap-and-peer-through-the-plastic-screen check when collecting this piece from the local store. And Medicom has positioned this piece as the ‘Enter The Dragon’ Bruce Lee. Pretty much the usual trend to milk a license as much as possible. Somehow, this is way much better than the mold milking in the 3.75″ toy scene!

And it’s some maneuvering commercially as well. Enterbay released an excellent ‘Game of Death’ Bruce Lee some time back and Medicom is not forgoing buyers of that pricey Enterbay piece. Pretty much the practice these days. So we can expect ‘Way of the Dragon’ and ‘Fist of Fury’ versions down the road?

And I wonder if Hot Toys will be able to get into the act as well since they are a company out of China and Hong Kong. But then Enterbay, like Hot Toys, is based in Hong Kong. I honestly hope Hot Toys will be able to acquire the license or permission to produce their own Bruce Lee figures.

Till we collectors get more good news with regards to the most influential martial arts star ever, look for the review in the coming weeks!




5 responses

30 05 2007

Can’t wait for your review.
RIP Bruce.

31 05 2007

I’m looking forward to it as well Kenny. Added your blog to my links if you don’t mind.

1 06 2007

oh yes! this figure really does look excellent (have you seen edwint’s pics on mediworld?). you are one lucky fellow. i was thinking of getting this but am toying with the idea of saving up for the enterbay way of the dragon bruce.

have to say, i love all your recent posts.

1 06 2007


I’ve seen several of Edwint’s pics on another forum, SGCollect. He went for the taiji poses for his Bruce Lee if I recall.

I remember fondly his Medicom Comic Spidey pics with those custom webbing. It was simply amazing! Most intricate! And he takes very good shots of figures in good poses!

8 06 2007
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