Musings – A Toy Shop Within A Stone’s Throw

14 05 2007

I opened my email several days ago and was informed that a local toy store that I frequent was relocating. Initially, this was rather sad because it was located in a mall within the prime shopping district. Moreover, the mall had a few other… serious toy shops. But more importantly, it was a mall that had many shops retailing trendy ladies clothes, shoes and other women’s accessories. And why is this a good thing?

Well, for one I was able to convince Mrs SWFToys to shop there should I need to pickup a toy. The number of retail shops catering to ladies outnumber toy shops like 50:1. The odds are really good for her. Upon arrival at the mall, we were able to split for an hour or so to go look at our own stuff. I would visit all toys shops first to peer into their glass displays, checking out potential buys. And then I’ll look at my watch and only 20 mins have passed.

And these toy shops are pretty small. After several visits, it takes less than 5 mins to go through them! With no where else to go, I’ll head to my regular shop to pick up my pre-order. And then the inevitable will happen… I will join Mrs SWFToys in waltzing through the endless ladies’ retail shops for the next hour or 2!

With my regular shop at this mall relocating, things worsen as you can see. The odds are getting better for Mrs SWFToys! BUT! There was a piece of good news. I can’t believe that the regular shop is moving to a stone’s throw away from my workplace! In fact, it’s in a building that I often have my lunch at! And it’s just a street from my workplace! Picking up my purchases will be so much easier now. Heh heh…

Hmm…. hopefully bigger premises will also mean more displays to ogle at during lunchtime!




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29 05 2007

dude can email me? isolation9 [@] gmail

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