Comics – Transformers: Generation One Vol 1

12 05 2007

Transformers: Generation One Vol 1

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Transformers comics have been around for some time now. But I must say that no one draws Autobots and Decepticons as awesome as Pat Lee. Transformers: Generation One published by IDW Publishing (originally Dreamwave) was somewhat a short lived injection of life into a somewhat languishing license. During Dreamwave’s run of the Transformer titles starting from 2002, Generation One was one of the consistent top-selling comics in its entire run.

Despite the huge support from comic readers, Dreamwave ran into management trouble and saw closure in early 2005. It was a real loss for Transformers fans as nothing more could be milked from the Transformers license from such a great team. That was the end of Pat Lee’s work on Autobots and Decepticons. And as I read Generation One Vol 1, I could feel the loss!

Transformers: Generation One Vol 1 has an interesting premise… which I shall not disclose too much of it! Both the Autobots and Decepticons are… finally leaving Earth in a spaceship after their ravaging battles on it. While the average Earth-dweller was celebrating what seemed to be the beginning of peace, some people had other ideas. Ideas to meddle with power beyond them.

And so the spaceship the Transformers were on was sabotaged. It blew up in mid air, hurtling those giant robots into desolated areas of the Earth – deactivated.

This comic then begins with different factions unearthing different Transformers. I love the way suspense was built by slowly revealing which Transformer was recovered. Whether they were still half-excavated in snow or housed in some secret warehouse, the readers would eagerly want to know which Transformer was it! And when it was finally revealed, I could hear the rejoicing within me!

A major trademark of the excellence of Generation One is the anime-style pencils of Pat Lee. And the effect wais fantastic on the Transformers. They were simply so darn good looking! Drawn with more curves and with obvious deviation from the reality of the real transforming process, the Autobots and Decepticons were absolutely awesome. All of them looked almost perfect to the G1 Transformers that appeared in the original cartoon series.

In the story department, it was good as well. It’s not the in the same vein as the G1 Season 1 cartoon which was rather simplistic. Instead, this comic deals with the effects of the countless battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The alignment of the Autobots may be lawful but having them in your neighbourhood can also inviting Megatron and gang sometimes. The average human being will weary at the loss of civilian lives and infrastructure damage that disrupts daily living. All of a sudden, witnessing transforming robots isn’t such a novel idea after all. So having both Transformer factions leave Earth can be a good idea.

The craving for power also sees puny meatbags like humans try to harness or manipulate the power wielded by the Transformers just like today’s WMDs. But these weapons have AI beyond our technology unlike warheads and missiles. So do expect plans going awry and all hell breaks loose… again. So when will Man ever learn to be content?

I cannot recommend Transformer Generation One enough if you are a Transformers fan! You are already so late if you have not read it today!





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