Incoming – Medicom 12″ RAH Jack Bauer

29 04 2007

Here’s something special. A 12″ figure of my favourite character on the TV – Jack Bauer of 24!!! If you have heard of this Emmy winning series but have never watched it, you don’t know what is intense heart-pumping drama. If you have never heard of 24, you have never lived! Where have you been!

I’m so glad Mrs SWFToys love 24 as much as I do. I cannot imagine watching it and not being able to share my excitement and thoughts about it with no one! So naturally, I exposed her to Season 1… then 2… 3… 4… and 5. (It was great to have Elisha Cuthbert out of the way.) By the end of Season 1, Mrs SWFToys was hooked. Her path to the dark side was complete!!! Come this November, we will be catching every episode of Season 6 on DVD on our couch again. Tough wait till then.

Anyway, this Medicom Jack Bauer is nowhere near a new figure now. I managed to snare this piece in my recent Hong Kong trip. It’s still nicely wrapped in plastic. In fact, it looked so good that I have second thoughts breaking it out. But the belief at SWFToys is… every figure must be removed from their boxes! I believe the time has come!

So if you are a fan of Jack’s and know what Jack usually says when an impasse frustrates him, write in a comment to celebrate the brilliance of this character and the series! No prizes though.

Over and out!





4 responses

16 05 2007

So is that the Season 5 version?

17 05 2007

Nope, this is the Season 4 11am – 12pm version. They have 2 versions for S4 – this and the suit version. Speaking abt the S5 release, I kinda regret not pre-ordering it.

17 05 2007

The S5 version is the one with the knapsack and body armor right? I don’t follow the series, so I’m not sure which one I’m visualizing.

17 05 2007

Knapsack yes but no body armour. This particular one here is the one with the body armour.

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