Musings – The Great Clean Up

23 04 2007

Ok, I’ve received news of the inbound of Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt Throne Set. And it’s huge! I gather from the space occupied by my Jabba the Hutt that the throne should take up the entire space for a particular level in my cabinet. I’d be lucky if it can fit inside allowing my glass doors to close properly! It’s gotta fit!

While Jabba’s huge BUT light. I’m not too sure about the weight of the throne set. So, not taking chances will mean that I have to re-arrange my cabinet’s tenants. And… that is not something I am looking forward too! It’s a lot of work. I will have to take down every 12″ Hot Toys figure from the upper shelve, put them somewhere (the floor?!), clean the display area. Then my Macross valkyries are next, then my private Star Wars ‘Scum Room’ will have to be emptied. Followed by my Fett and Vader Shrine. And finally, the Star Wars ships will have to fly off somewhere!

But this is not the end! Another laborious task begins. I will have to adjust the height of each shelve. I plan to deport Jabba and his throne together with the ‘Scum Room’ to the first floor. I’m afraid my glass shelves may not be able to take the weight after sometime. Each glass shelve weighs a ton and I’m looking at adjusting 5 of these manually!

And of course, I will have to put each of the figures back. Hmm… it’ll be a good chance for me to check if any cockroach has made its home in the cape of my Hot Toys Batman!

I should start getting some workout now!




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