Review – Sideshow 12″ Boromir

21 04 2007

With the low in reviewing Medicom’s Ghost Rider, I am energised with the review of Sideshow’s 12″ Boromir from their Lord of the Rings line! Expect a picture heavy review here. The Lord of the Rings line has certainly shown a lot of promise with the improving quality of each released figure. First to be of the production lines was Aragorn as Strider the Ranger. It was well made generally with the only flaw (a major one!) being the goofy facesculpt.

Then came Legolas which scored well in both facesculpt and retaining the level of quality in its overall construction. And the subject of our focus today, Boromir, is the next in line. When I received news of the release of Boromir’s promo pics, I swiftly sought them out on Sideshow’s site. My orgasmic joy was somewhat made flaccid when I saw Boromir’s face. Sculpting did not look too good. Hair was rather weird. No where near the handsomeness of Sean Bean. But the accessories (the shield was awesome… just like in the movie!) and the uniform was great.

Many uncertainties indeed. They have caused me concern. Or are they unfounded and are just the flaws of the prototype? Will I get a great figure of my favourite The Fellowship of the Ring character? Well, with Sideshow’s Boromir in my workshop, it’s time to find out!

So how will Denthor’s favourite son fare in the up close and personal SWFToys review? Read on…


Sideshow’s Boromir is an excellent figure! Fans of The lord of the Rings should find just about everything is perfect. The sculpt in itself is great. But the way the hair is applied to the figure’s head creates a gap above the forehead. Not really a problem though. Great uniform, great accessories and a Sean Bean sculpt makes this offering from Sideshow a winner!

What’s good:

  • Facesculpt has good resemblance of Sean Bean.
  • Good facial expression.
  • Superb design and tailoring of uniform and construction of accessories.
  • Well sculpted orc head (for exclusive version).
  • Stable figure.

What could be better:

  • Gap between the hair and the hair could be eliminated… someday.
  • Hands do not grip the horn too well.

Review Details


Box art for Sideshow’s Boromir is similar to the two predecessors from this line. Only difference is the graphics relevant to Boromir. I must say that the picture of the figure on the front of the box does not do the box’s resident justice.

This is because the picture is taken from the weakest angle for the facesculpt. Will cover more of this in the next section. Anyway, the picture resembles more of Theoden than Boromir!

Everything else is pretty much standard – collector friendly, nice die-cut double flaps. There isn’t any difference in the box art for the exclusive version except for the gold ‘exclusive’ sticker in front. So if you have not the exclusive, fret not. You did not miss much in this department.


Bottomline for the facesculpt is that it is not as bad as some pictures on the Internet has depicted. Actually, it’s pretty good…. surprised me. I was expecting Theoden to stare at me when I got Sideshow’s Boromir out of the box.

I looked and looked and it did have a striking resemblance to Sean Bean. Check the pictures for yourself. The hair is sculpted pretty accurately. But it suffers the same effect problems as Sideshow’s Qui Gon Jinn. There is a gap between the hair and the figure’s head which potentially gives rise to the toupee effect. Anyway, it is not that bad on Boromir. In fact, the hair looks great from just about every angle.

I suspect any bad angle on the face as seen on some of the pics on the Internet could be due to a shot cropping away the parts of the hair making what’s left looking weird. In addition to that, the weakest angle is probably looking from below the eye level up from the right side(when you are looking straight at it) of the face. Nevertheless, it’s honestly a very good sculpt. Far much better in terms of resemblance to the actor than Aragorn’s sculpt did.

The expression on the face is one of intense concentration or in deep thought. Terrific because Boromir could be thinking of snatching The Ring from Frodo for his kingdom’s purposes!

Quality of Product

Here is the most impressive looking figure out of Sideshow’s The Lord of the Rings line. Aragorn was all dark green and brown, Legolas was all green. Boromir really catches the eye with the royal crimson and blue colors on his uniform. It is really beautiful. It was one of the factors which made breaking out this figure out a real exciting prospect! I was able to fathom the joy of slowly appreciating the uniform when I break it out when I peeked through the clear screen of the box during collection at the local store.

Boromir’s gauntlets are beautifully etched with details as well. On them you will find the the mark of the White Tree of Gondor! The detailing and the paint work also realistically bring out its supposedly leathery nature.

I believe chain mail is what Sideshow is trying to mimic under Boromir’s crimson shirt. Although not too ‘metallic’ or ‘chain’ in appearance, it still looks great with all the tiny shiny bits on it!

Finally, Sideshow Boromir’s uniform is complete with the Lothlorien Elven cloak and along with it the cloak’s brooch. I do suspect that the brooch is a bit too large. I can imagine Boromir biting it in his mouth but to expect the smaller hobbits to do the same is really too much to bite. Maybe these merchandise from Galadriel do come in different sizes! Anyway, there’s hardly anything to complain in the looks department.


Sideshow’s Boromir is a stable figure. The easiest way to have the figure stand firmly with all the accessories is to have the shield slung over his back. Then adjust accordingly. Nevertheless, this figure of the Son of Denethor is able to stand for a long time in various standing poses without the need for the display stand.

Although Boromir is wearing those tall boots much like Sideshow’s Han Solo, the difference is somewhat similar to likening a pair of medieval military boots to fashion accessory footwear! You can be sure that Boromir’s boots are definitely more heavy duty. Thicker and heavier soles win the day. Couple it with its rigid high-cut nature, it serves the same function of a… cast. You get the picture.


The exclusive version comes with an additional Moria Orc head… severed that is. It seems like a preview of what Sideshow can produce should an ‘Armies of Mordor’ line is finally announced. And it is a good preview! The Orc head is sculpted with an expression that convey the relaxed look on a face when… well… nerves are severed and muscles have left control. The result is an Orc with listless eyes half opened looking… dead. One issue with the Orc head is that it is molded solid with no realistic flappy-like ears. Everything is hard. As such, the head rests in awkward positions when flipped over. It’s weird because the ears end up supporting the head from rolling onto its side. That’s taking postmortem rigidity too seriously!

Also found in the package is Boromir’s

  • shield
  • longsword
  • dagger
  • horn

My favourite, the shield, is modeled exactly as seen in The Fellowship of the Ring. It looked fantastic. The size is about right. I held it up to compare against Achilles’ shield and it was overshadowed by the Greek shield. Anyway, expect a hand grip on the inside of the shield. It’s not like Captain America’s shield where there is a harness to slip the forearm into.

As such, it takes an effort to slip the hand through the grip to make it lie flat against the forearm. Honestly, I’ve yet to succeed at that as I’m worried that I’ll break the fingers if I am too forceful. I wonder if both parts were designed to do that. At the moment, Boromir is not griping the shield on the back of his fist. I guess the consideration was to have a tight grip when holding the shield but it should be made easier to achieve for a shield-wielding warrior.

The longsword and dagger are both well designed to follow closely to the movies. And they slip into their respective scabbards easily. And they look great! No complains here.

Boromir’s Great Horn is another nice touch from Sideshow. Although this miniature replica is not fashioned from the horns of the wild oxes of Rhun, it is still magnificently crafted and painted worthy of its status as a heirloom for the eldest sons of Gondor. Whether it is held in the figure’s hands or strapped to the belt, the Great Horn is a sight to behold. I could imagine Boromir blowing it in the morning causing a din with the rest of the residents in my display cabinet!






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24 12 2008
Nick Walters

The boromir exclusive comes with moria orc head?? SSSSIIICCCKKK!!!!!

24 12 2008
Nick Walters

i have already read the Faramir review, it is AWESOME

24 12 2008
Nick Walters

the email name (rick.walters) is actually my dad’s name, i am almost 12!!

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