Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman

19 04 2007

Here’s something of a more recent release from Sideshow for their 12 inch Star Wars line – the Endor Rebel Commando Infantryman! Marketed under the ‘Militaries of Star Wars’ banner, this figure is certainly a breathe of fresh air for Star Wars toys. I don’t recall alot of Star Wars toys that pay homage to this support character from The Return of the Jedi. Now we get a full 12″ figure to allow collectors to examine every inch of that Rebel Alliance uniform!

Sideshow is certainly making the most out of its Star Wars 12″ license by bringing to ‘life’ support characters from the most iconic sci-fi movie trilogy of all time. Hmm… Medicom may have ventured into the militaries of the Empire but Sideshow still manages to find its share of grunts to stake a claim to. I hope they will quickly make some headway into the bounty hunter area with Bossk, Dengar, Greedo and Zuckuss soon. Medicom has already snatched the top 2 with the Fetts. I will go with a Sideshow product over Medicom any day!

Look out for the Pathfinder and the Sergeant in the coming weeks. I’ll probably space out their reviews to prevent any Rebel Alliance fatigue!




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