Incoming – Sideshow 12″ T-800 Terminator

12 04 2007

Finally arriving here at SWFToys is a figure I had seen on Sideshow’s website for donkey months. Pictures of Sideshow’s 12″ T-800 Terminator figure as well as the delicious T-1000 had tormented me for so many months. I wondered for so long of when will it ship! Endowed with good sculpts, these 2 figures were high on my capture list because of the movie, Terminator 2. I certainly remember the days of Terminator 2’s screening!


Back when the movie was released, all who watched it were blown away by the superb special events. While we knew that there was going to be a super cool(no pun intended) bad ass liquid metal villain in T2, we really looked forward to Arnold Schwarzeneger reprising the role of T-800. And so it was that the story in T2 had made the T-800 an outdated model. It was really tough to kill in the original Terminator movie. Even with its legs gone it still made Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn break sweat!

The return of T-800 in Terminator 2 this time as a saviour was certainly an interesting premise for fans. Finally, we have some serious hardware on the do-gooders’ side. Even if the good guys are running away, we can expect some fight back with Arnold’s T-800 around! Of course everyone, expected that Arnold’s ‘face’ will get all shot up at a certain point to expose the chrome skull underneath. Those cold piercing red eyes will show at some point! And we were not disappointed!

And another winner for Terminator 2 was the great story, action and lines. Scenes such as the truck chase in the canal, first T-1000 & T-800 encounter in the mall, minigun action at Cyberdyne and the nitrogen freezing of T-1000 were truly memorable! They were simply some of the best action sequences today. And Arnold’s T-800 were in all of them faithfully sticking to his directive of protecting the wimpy Edward Furlong.

It’s certainly a great day today to have this figure among my collection! Certainly, a fond memory has been made tangible today!




2 responses

3 05 2007

hey there dude, haven’t seen any updates on the site for a while – thought you’d gone offline. good to see you back. looking forward to a review of this fig – i didn’t pick it up myself because i didn’t like the product pics – but it’ll be good to hear your opinions on it. your pics always make figures look sweet.

5 05 2007

hey there. yeah, i’ve been busy lately because of a change in job. still getting used to the new demands.
thanks for the encouragement!

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