Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Boromir Son of Denethor (Exclusive Version)

10 04 2007

One of my favourite characters from The Lord of the Rings have arrived! He is Boromir, Son of Denethor. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir was played by the awesome Sean Bean. I am quite a fan of Sean Bean. He’s one actor with great screen presence and acting skills. And I like his craggy macho looks. I enjoyed his appearances in movies like 007, Equilibrium and Troy. But his take on the favoured son of Denethor is most memorable!

And another good news is that I managed to land the exclusive version! For the uninitiated, that means an extra orc head for Boromir to stamp his feet on! In view that Sideshow has yet to announce any Uruk, Troll or Orc offering, the severed Orc head is probably the best preview of what they can offer from this potentially cool line! I can imagine the words ‘Armies of Mordor’ emblazoned on Sideshow boxes! Uruks and Orcs will come! And unlike the defenders of Helm’s Deep, I can’t wait for their arrival! I do not want salvation at dawn from the east!


Boromir was someone who really represented Man in Middle Earth. He showed the potential strength… and the damning weakness of the race of Man. A respected and effective leader in Gondor, he was deemed the best candidate to negotiate the fate of The Ring by his father, Denethor. Being a man of war, his opinion never wavered from obtaining The Ring for Gondor who is at battle with Mordor in Osgiliath. To him, every moment of hesitation to bring The One Ring to Gondor would mean more Gondor soldiers spilling their blood in the battlefields.

And events played out that while his attempts to snatch The Ring from Frodo failed, he snapped out of the evil influence of The Ring with his gallant efforts to protect the hobbits. The final battle in The Fellowship of the Ring(movie version) with the Uruks is truly memorable because of Boromir. I always enjoy watching the scene where Boromir runs towards the hobbits seemingly out of nowhere and cutting Uruks down. Then there is the scene where the arrows from Lurtz finally fell this magnificent warrior and Boromir showed his indomitable will fade as he slumped to his knees. Fatigue showing on his face, he knew this was the end of his journey. He could no longer participate in Gondor’s defense. The baton has to be passed. Great scene, great acting.

And so it was that in his dying moments that he relented to his silent admiration of Aragorn who had surely shown his worthy claim to the throne with his character, integrity and skill with the sword. When Boromir breathed his last, I was honestly saddened that I will not get to see this Sean Bean character again.

Thankfully, Peter Jackson still had some Boromir scenes in The Return of the King. It’s good to end the trilogy with remembrance of this great character!





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12 05 2007
Review - Sideshow 12" Boromir « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] Box art for Sideshow’s Boromir is similar to the two predecessors from this line. Only difference is the graphics relevant to Boromir. I must say that the picture of the figure on the front of the box does not do the box’s resident justice. […]

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