Review – Sideshow 1/6 Salacious Crumb Creature Pack

3 04 2007

What business does a Kowakian monkey-lizard, a Wol Cabasshite, a Worrt and a Sand Skitter has at SWFToys? Well, if you have not guessed it yet, the link is Sideshow’s 1/6 Salacious Crumb Creature Pack. And reviewing this package has turned out to be one of the oddest experiences for myself yet. Unlike the usual 12″ figures, examining and shooting the four odd creatures seemed like a lesson in entomology.

As a result of the oddity of the contents in this Sideshow’s offering, the review has somewhat been tailored. Jabba the Hutt could still somewhat fit into the standard review template. But to use it on Salacious Crumb and gang is simply… crazy. I mean, nearly all of them would score 100/100 for stability. You get the idea.

But despite all its uniqueness, I truly appreciate and love Sideshow’s decision to produce these little… albeit creepy-looking fellas. It makes a more complete collection for the Star Wars fan. They looked fantastic sitting on my glass shelf next to the enormous Jabba… waiting for the equally humongous throne to arrive.

Being a unique offering, the pricing of this package raises rather interesting assessments of its value. Some may feel that these four odd creatures warrant a lower price. They cannot be faulted. For myself, I perceive the price as reasonable to(finally) own some of those lesser known characters from the Star Wars universe.

Let’s take a closer look at these little guys!


Sideshow’s Salacious B Crumb Creature Pack is really an offering that will appeal more to the Star Wars fan. It’s unlikely other 1/6 collectors to pick this up unless they have need to fill up every small shelf space with little 1/6 guys. And this pack has creatures most people will overlook unless they are… fans of Star Wars. For the fan, it is a dream come true to own a set of these rare creatures. Each creature is well detailed and has been excellently sculpted. Salacious Crumb even has his own seat cushion.

What’s good:

  • Strong magnet at the base of Ghoel.
  • Good resemblance/sculpt of all creatures.
  • Attention to details is excellent.

What could be better:

  • May not be the fancy of collectors who are not fans of Star Wars.

Review Details


Unlike the usual packaging from Sideshow’s Star Wars 12″ line which have the usual two compartments for storing the figure and its accessories, the Salacious Crumb Creature Pack box feature a single compartment. So it is noticeably thinner.

Despite the more lightweight contents, Sideshow has continued to produce beautiful box art for Salacious and his pals. In fact, it the art on the box is a refreshing deviation from the faces if the 12″ figures. And the box continues to be collector friendly with the magnetic strip to seal the flap of the box. The creatures themselves are also easily removable from their plastic confines.

Salacious B Crumb

Sideshow’s Salacious Crumb is a non-hairy version. Somehow, I preferred this for easier maintenance. The facesculpt portrays the maniacal sadistic nature of Jabba’s jester admirably. With an open mouth, the facial expression depicts Salacious telling one of his only-Jabba-is-amused jokes or one that has him laughing at a potential Rancor victim.

Salacious Crumb has only 2 points of articulation which are his arms. And they move 360 degrees in the general vertical plane. No elbow or wrist articulation. And of course no nude body here. I was unable to find articulation on the neck, pelvic area or legs. I am contented with this design as I do not foresee putting Salacious in any other position except sitting him close to Jabba’s reptilian skin. And Salacious’ seat cushion is included as well. It is actually molded out of hard plastic so do not expect pillow softness to it.


Ok, I am thankful that Ghoel is not as disgusting looking as I had earlier thought. I found it pretty cute actually. It really grows on you! Anyway, this Wol Cabasshite has zero articulation.

As I was shooting it, I thought about how this creature is often found on ceilings and walls. Ghoel was actually on the ceiling when C-3p0 walked by. I flipped this little fella and was pleasantly surprised to find a circular metal disc under it. I immediately put Ghoel on my metal noticeboard and it stuck. Cool. But that’s not the best part.


My display shelves are made of glass and the only metal found in my cabinets are those metal pieces that hold the individual glass shelves underneath. I figured I was only able to stick Ghoel on the narrow edge of these metal holders and we are looking at some 3mm of surface area here. I found that the magnet under Ghoel was pretty strong as it grabbed the 3mm of space very firmly. I removed my fingers from supporting it without the fear that it would drop of. Very good implementation from Sideshow! Now, Ghoel sits above my Jango Fett licking him happily. Ha.


This toad-like creature also has zero articulation. I might have mistaken it for one of those toys found in snack packets if it had not been beautifully detailed. The Worrt has many protrusions on its back and numerous little pimples around the mouth. It’s great for the sculptors at Sideshow to painstakingly detailing these little molds. They complete the realism of this creature’s skin texture.


If the Worrt has a tongue, it is not accessible since the mouth is molded shut. From its fingers, I can tell that this creature can probably scale walls with those suction cups at the tip of its fingers and feet. This is where the entomology feeling begins!

Sand Skitter

I had thought that this little guy was like a rat when I was moving him around as a background creature for some of the bigger creatures’ shots. It was only when it came to shoot him that I found that it was nothing like a rat. You can tell from the picture below. ‘Nuff said. I believe the body of the Sand Skitter should also be furry but in this case it is molded as a plastic rendition here. Zero articulation points as well.


Apart from the Darth Maul Sith Probes, the Salacious Crumb Creature Pack is probably the most challenging offering from Sideshow as it requires modeling the littlest of Star Wars characters. In this respect, the sculptors have done a great job. The paint work on each of these creatures are also in the same quality as their 12″ counterparts. Good stuff for the Star Wars fan!








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