Incoming – 12″ Brad Pitt As Achilles

2 04 2007

Renowned in Greek legend for his good looks as well as fighting prowess is the Trojan War hero, Achilles. Although thought invulnerable, he was particularly vulnerable at his heel. And in the course of the Trojan War, Paris just had to send an arrow at that only point of vulnerability. A great warrior dying from an arrow wound to the heel is certainly a cause for concern. I wondered if Achilles’ heel once punctured would open the floodgates to release every ounce of blood in his body. Perhaps first aid knowledge for the average soldier became a necessity after this incident.

Anyway, I was certainly thrilled when I came across pictures on a certain forum of a 12″ Achilles modeled after Brad Pitt’s character in the movie Troy. Not only was the face sculpt looking really good but the armour pieces were simply droolicious. Add the shield, sword and spears and it’s a confirmed target for SWFToys! I had inquired from a local store known to carry this excellent piece from Hong Kong and was quoted a premium price. Not giving up, I decided to look for it in my Hong Kong trip in March this year. And I am thankful that I decided to pop into one of the small shops in Richmond Shopping Centre to find this gem. And this Achilles is not produced by any big toy companies. Yup, not Medicom, Takara or Sideshow. It’s… some guys(their names are on the back of the box with no company name)… who really did a great job!

And what is written at the back of the box is a rather interesting read. Sharing it here:

This model character was an ancient Greece hero Achilles. Achilles was female sea god Thetis and Myrmidons King Peleus lives, had half god half human of ability and the special characteristic: Had the god wisdom and human’s brave, but could not have actually did not die the body, this was its huge disappointment. The great loving mother, in order to protect Achilles, she did everything possible entrusts with the son by the supernatural power, caused it to exempt was injured. In Achilles or baby’s time, she leaded him to carry on the immersion toward the god river, enable him to obtain the special magical powers which the sword and spear did not enter. However, because she excessively careful, was afraid the baby to wash away by the water, had not placed the baby in the water to soak, but only splashed by the god river water to baby body on each part. But omitted Achilles’s ankle area, had not had the god river water immersion to this part. On because of this fault, Achilles who the sword and spear did not enter has “the gate”, one might send his desperately flaw. Afterwards, Apollo on by an arrow to Achilles’s ankle area, had finished this great hero’s life.

From this passage, we know that the ‘god river water immersion’ is important for all parts of the body to be obtain the ‘magical power which the sword and spear did not enter’. So the ‘fault’ falls on Achilles’ mother for being ‘excessively careful’ when doing it at the ‘god river’. Anyway, if you buy yourself a piece of this beautiful 12″ figure and the words have become readable, you can know for sure that it’s probably version 2!

And I found myself taking nearly double the number of photos for this Achilles figure than any of my previous figures. I guess it is a testimony of how good and unique it looks. With the plethora of pictures, here are two teaser pics before the review comes along. Enjoy.







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6 04 2007

wow, really looking forward to the review on this one!! by the way, will you be getting the hot toys rambo III fig that’s just been announced? it looks pretty awesome to me

7 04 2007

thanks for the heads-up, 8thsamurai. wow, it looks really good indeed. I should have waited for Rambo III. Definitely getting this fella! I’ve always preferred the Rambo II and Rambo III look.

10 04 2007
Review - 12" Brad Pitt As Achilles « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

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12 03 2008

Hi, i wanna buy this 1/6 scale Brad Pitt Achilles. Contact me as to where i can buy one please. Thank you. My email is

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