Musings – Recovering My Hong Kong Photos

29 03 2007

Here’s some good news concerning my Hong Kong photos. I managed to recover most of it using PC Inspector (link to Snapfiles for download). Yeah!!! I had used it to recover pictures lost in my CF card some years back and it’s good to know that this software is still a hot favourite for such emergencies now! However, I have about 15 photos that remained corrupted. But I am already very appreciative for those that were recovered!

So look out for the back dated posts on the toy locations in Hong Kong in the next few days!




2 responses

2 04 2007

wow! really looking forward to seeing some of those shots. sounds like you had an awesome time – and it’s great you managed to recover most of your pics.

interested to see you had a small shot of upcoming apollo and drago from hot toys. any more shots of them?

2 04 2007

hi samurai!
yeah, i had a great time looking for toys certainly! some of my pics got corrupted and i had to crop away the damaged parts. 😛

too bad i was not able to take more shots of the Hot Toys boxer pair. too many people walking along that narrow corridor. pretty hard to get a clear shot of the display.

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