Travel – Back From Hong Kong… With A Glitch

28 03 2007

I am back from Hong Kong & Macau! It was a good trip for toy shopping even though I only went about my toy itinerary on the 3rd and 4th day of the trip. Juggling every person’s travel needs is always a challenge. The 3rd day in particular was pretty good as I managed to detach from the group(because they were heading to see Lantau Island which… I had no interest in) and walked my entire toy plan destinations in 7 hours. Pretty grueling and I felt the symptoms of cramp on my calves several times! But I trekked on.

Anyway, I spent 4 days in Hong Kong and the last 2 days in Macau. I realised a major glitch on the evening before my departure from Macau. While trying to peruse my Hong Kong pictures in my hotel room, I discovered much to my shocking dismay that the total pictures taken in my camera numbered a meager 51! Summoning my optimism and most positive thoughts in this moment of crisis, I calmly checked the camera. It was then confirmed that I had lost pictures from Day 1 to Day 4. You cannot imagine how sucky that felt. While my friends had our common photos from the trip’s itinerary, my camera was the sole keeper of my toy plan photos. All seemed lost.

So here I am in front of my PC, searching the Internet for that glimmer of hope that the pictures could be recovered. I remembered seeing that ‘SD Card Error’ message in the morning shoot in Macau. I had turned off the camera and continued shooting after turning it back on. I double checked while at the airport that it took several steps to accidentally delete all pictures so it ruled that out. And so I believe that the pictures are still on the card… somewhere… although they can’t be accessed via the card reader on my PC.

Anyway, here’s some positive news for myself. Got the following figures from this trip:

  1. Takara Masked Rider The First (The green fella)
  2. Brad Pitt as Achilles from Troy
  3. Medicom Jack Bauer from 24

Was on the verge of getting the Shadow Trooper but refrained to avoid overspending. Shopping for toys in Hong Kong always evoke difficult buying decisions because the listed prices are already well discounted (It can be pretty much if you had scouted around). I am always adding up the discounts and rationalising that I could channel the money saved into another figure. It’s never ending. Anyway, I more than happy to land these 3 figures. It’s certainly ironic that I hunted a Hong Kong toy in Japan and subsequently hunted 2 Japanese toys in Hong Kong!

So watch for the pics of these newbies @ SWFToys! And I’ll update on my picture recovery efforts! Wish me luck.




4 responses

29 03 2007
shaun wong

nice score vince, managed to snag any 1/6 clothes/gear? glad u finally managed to get your hands on jack bauer.

29 03 2007

Hey, welcome back.
So in your opinion, which is a better place for toys? Japan or Hongkong?

30 03 2007

thanks. was not able to get any 1/6 assessories becos most of those that I found were more for military. could not even find a mini-gun/gatling. the variety of 1/6 gear in the HK shops I visited were similar to YBT locally. i think your recommendation is better.

I asked myself this question also. I would say HK.

For the tourist toy shopper, HK is easier to traverse. I still believe all toy shopping can be done in Mongkok. Many of the toy shops are within walking distance and the variety is more than sufficient. If you stay in Mongkok, last minute toy shopping is not a prob.

For Japan, the notable areas that i visited were Nakano and Akihabara. They are pretty far apart. I believe it is further than Mongkok is from Causeway Bay for HK. And we are just talking location. Nothing on prices and toys variety yet.

Maybe I’ll explore this in a separate post and lay it out properly. Thanks for the idea!

30 03 2007

I’ll be waiting for ur Japan/Hongkong write-up then =)

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