Travel – Hong Kong 2007 Pitstop 8: Tai Yuen Street @ Wan Chai

27 03 2007


I continued trekking towards Wan Chai where the famed local toy street, Tai Yuen Street, is. If you are heading there via the MTR, you will need to take the A3 exit from the Wan Chai MTR station. Here’s some help from the excellent Johomaps again. Once out, you will just need to cross Johnston Street in front of you and you should be able to locate the following signpost at the start of one end of Tai Yuen Street.

A prominent feature of Johnston Street is the metal rails on the street which are meant for the bus trams. You can’t miss it if you are staring at the right street!

Tai Yuen Street Market is really something similar to Ladies Street or Temple Street… only more spacious and less stuffy! And it’s the toys counterpart of those 2 famous streets. Lined on each side of Tai Yuen Street are several toy shops. The thing is, these shops cater more towards kids. One sign of this is to find noticeably more toddlers darting around you in excitement. I felt like a giant. Don’t recall this feeling in Ladies Street.

Most of these shops carry a small stock of Chogokins. At the time that I was there, the Gold Lightan was a common sight. One thing that I discovered was that Chogokins were often found behind the cashier or on higher shelves at near the front of the entrance. I hazard a guess that this is to keep the grubby little hands from the pricier toys and to attract adult collectors by being more visual. Adult collectors would also not need to squeeze into the small shop aisles with the usual crowd of parents and kids. Gundam kits are aplenty and they are usually found towards the back of the stores.

While it was really fun to take in the atmosphere of the locals’ local toy shop, it is not a recommended place to hunt for collectibles. The reason is that the main audience here are the real physical kids. If you are heading to Tai Yuen Street, avoid the weekends if you are adverse to crowds.




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21 09 2008
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3 02 2009
Berthold Sinaulan

I’m looking for Tintin (a comic character by Herge) toy, die cast car, and comics in Hong Kong. Where can I buy this items? I’m very happy to receive answer through my e-mail:
Thank you.

8 08 2010

Do they sell Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?

8 08 2010

Do u guys know where i can buy Yu-gi-oh cards in Hong Kong? I’ll accept all answers through my e.mail: Thx!!!

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