Travel – Hong Kong 2007 Pitstop 7 : Oriental 188 @ Wan Chai

27 03 2007

Wrapping up the toy plan in Causeway Bay after a short visit to UML at Windsor House (nothing much to see actually), I decided to trek to Wan Chai to walk the ground and take in the sights along the way to Oriental 188. What better time than now when I am alone and can choose what I want to see and how long to stay at one place! With a tourist map in hand, I walked past Times Square, wet markets and finally the 188 sign loomed in front of me! But before I head in, I thought a large MacDonald fries with an ice tea would make a great energy booster.

Munching my fries and sipping ice tea, I headed into Wan Chai’s console games, anime/manga and toys hotspot – Oriental 188. There are quite a number of small toy shops here. One of them seems to specialise in Star Wars products from Master Replicas and Sideshow. Spotted some Star Wars Marmits here at a good price. But control myself I did. Toys found here are largely manga and anime influenced.

If you are into PS3 and XBOX 360, Oriental 188 would be heaven sent for you. Lots of console games shops here and gaming geeks pouring over each of them was a common sight.

I was not able to snap any other pics because it was simply very crowded when I visited it on a weekend! I was always nudged my someone to keep moving. Kind of like a leaf riding a flowing river. So avoid it unless you enjoy the squeeze. BUT, I do recommend a visit for the variety of geek-related stuff found there.




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5 06 2009


In my online search for HK toy stores, I stumbled upon your very informative blog. Good job on the Pitstops! 🙂

I’d like to know, though, if the shops you features (Pitstops 1-8) are open during weekdays, too? And if they are, what do you think would be the best time(s) to go? I remember my friends telling me that when they went to CTMA at around 1030-12 (that was a Sunday, I think) , most of the stores were closed.

Thanks, and keep blogging about your toy adventures!


23 06 2011

If you’re going to small toy shops in Hong Kong, best to so in early evening on weekdays. The stores often aren’t open during the day, at least not in the morning. So I’ll usually start around 5pm. And weekdays have less people than weekends.

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