Travel – Hong Kong 2007 Pitstop 4: Mystery Shop @ Mongkok

25 03 2007

Remember this post? Well, I’ve scouted out the shop behind the ebay ID. First and foremost, the name of this shop is really Toys Home. In my toy plan marathon, I scouted for Good Hope Building along Sai Yeung Choi South Street. It’s the same building that has the big G2000 store on the ground floor. The small entrance is pretty hard to find amidst all the huge distracting advertisement posters and neon-lighted shop signs in the Mongkok shopping district. If I did not read Chinese, it might have taken me more time to find Good Hope Building because the name emblazoned over its entrance is in Chinese characters – Hao Wang Jiao Da Sha. And it did not help with all that scaffolding around the entrance!

Anyway, I would not recommend this particular pitstop to anyone. Well, unless you would want the full attention of the shopkeeper inside. Located on the 21st storey of Good Hope Building, Toys Home is the second… shop space on the left of the corridor from the lift lobby. The long corridor looked pretty eerie in the day. I can’t imagine what it is like in the night! I took the lift up with a lady in white.

So I knocked and went inside. The guy inside greeted me and I was able to take in the confines of this shop. It’s small but bigger than most toys shops at CTMA Centre. There’s one display cabinet, a rack with 1/6 figures and about 2 racks with assorted 1/6 accessories. On the whole there isn’t much to look at. They have a branch at the basement of Richmond Shopping Centre. Better to visit that shop!

This branch at Good Hope Building is quiet and I’m sure the guy inside would love to chat with you about the 1/6 passion! Departing, I got into the lift… with the same lady in white again. No kidding.




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