Travel – Hong Kong 2007 Pitstop 2: Animate @ Mongkok

24 03 2007

Directly opposite CTMA Centre is a toy shop with a colourful sign called Animate. Since my last visit to Mongkok in 2005, the shop has visibly been renovated. It used to have plenty of Gundam kits on the display window. Now it has an eye-catching Gundam standing there, ever watchful and ready to lure toy hunters leaving CTMA Centre into this shop.

Entry into this second level shop is via a small doorway by the side of the building. Climbing up the stairs and you will be greeted by one of the two display shelves in the shop. Although Animate looks clean, brightly lit and spanking new, I did not develop the urge to want to buy from it. Somehow, I did not feel a better deal could be found across the excellent CTMA Centre toy tenants. Pretty bias I am.

However, you can still enjoy the glass displays. I saw a Gun Buster on display and it looked so good out of the box. 12″ figures found here are mostly from Medicom. But they are not alot as the shop carries a bit of most things. In the end, Animate did not leave a memorable impression when I left it. It’s certain that CTMA Centre has everything this shop carries. Have a look around if you have spare time but allocate the bulk of your time to CTMA Centre which is opposite Animate.




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