Incoming – Sideshow 12″ Legolas Greenleaf

16 03 2007


After a considerable wait for the next Incoming here at SWFToys, Sideshow’s Elf Prince of Mirkwood has arrived! Legolas a.k.a Greenleaf is the second figure to touch down from the Sideshow Lord of the Rings line! The first being Aragorn as Strider the Ranger. What a joy after such a looooong wait!

Legolas the Elf Prince is probably the most anticipated Lord of the Rings figure for myself. The main reason has to be the sculpt of the face which has excellent resemblance to Orlando Bloom. I had seen promo pics as well as Sideshow’s photo review of this figure and it was a jaw-dropping and salivating experience! Even as I collected Sideshow’s Legolas from the local store, I took a quick peek past the clear plastic cover that housed the figure inside to confirm that excellent sculpt. And it looked great with the plastic in front of it!

This figure is meant as a tribute to the pointy eared character from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Known as Legolas, he hailed from the Elven kingdom of Mirkwood. Elvenkind from this area were also known as Wood Elves. While many did not read the Tolkien novels prior to the release of the Peter Jackson movies, they were wowed by Orlando Bloom’s characterisation of Legolas. For that matter, most people did not know who Orlando Bloom was until The Fellowship of the Ring came to the big screen!

Anyway, Legolas in the movies was depicted as a beautiful, swift and courageous immortal. For once the word beautiful seemed befitting of males. Blessed with good features and impossibly long, straight and silky soft blond hair, he was the envy of many lady audiences. For that matter, they were very much smitten by him! Every lady wanted to know who acted as Legolas after the movie. And you could tell the level of pent up adoration for this Elf when all the lady audiences clapped with maniacal fury when Legolas slid off the trunk of a mumakil in style after taking it down single-handedly. It was only then that I understood just how many fluttering hearts were soaring in the confines of that theatre.

I could not really blame them because Peter Jackson gave the most stylish action sequences to Legolas’ character. He got to surf down a flight of stairs on a Uruk’s shield AND demonstrated precision in firing arrows at the same time. He got on a galloping Arod by swinging ACROSS the oncoming horse, landing perfectly on the saddle after some moments of his feet pointing towards the sky. Incredible.

And my favourite Legolas moment on the screen? When he was insisting the fall of Helm’s Deep to Aragorn when he saw farmers taking up… rusty arms. Oooo… the determination on Orlando’s face at that moment was simply priceless.




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19 03 2007
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