Movies & DVDs – Transformers: The Movie (20th Anniversary DVD)

12 03 2007

Transformers The Movie

Spotted this DVD during one of my rounds at my favourite local DVD store. With the excitement generated by the up-coming live action Transformers movie, I decided to plonk some of my DVD dollar on Transformers: The Movie (20th Anniversary DVD). Unlike the Michael Bay movie, this is an animated movie out of the 1980s. It’s 1986 to be exact. And I must admit that I’ve never watched it before!

Besides curiosity concerning the Transformers lore beyond my more familiar G1 TV cartoon series, the fact that the 20th Anniversary DVD comes with those 1980s toy commercials really helped in my buying decision. Those commercials were one of the biggest plus points for buying this newly packaged DVD. It’s a journey back in time to view those Hasbro commercials of that era that made every kid want to get a piece of those transforming plastic! Somehow, we were able to translate the Autobots and Decepticons in the cartoon into those Hasbro toys. Let me explain.

Transformers toys have a tendency to be rather ‘blocky’ and stiff. They are never as rounded or flexible as their counterparts on TV. But as kids, it did not matter. Optimus Prime the toy was Optimus Prime the Autobot leader. Megatron the toy gun that towered over Soundwave was Megatron the gun that was somehow able to be wielded by Soundwave. We were more magnanimous with regards to Hasbro’s engineering towards flexibility and scale. And these were the moments I looked forward to reminisce in the toy commercials included with this 20th Anniversary Transformers DVD. I was not disappointed. It comes with both U.S and Japan Transformers commercials!

Transformers: The Movie is a story all Transformers die-hard fan would remember. Viewing it for the first time, I finally found out little nuggets of information that I’ve always wanted to know. I know there is this gigantic head of a robot floating in space called Unicron but I never knew who decapitated him. I’ve always suspected a link between Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime from my days as a kid pouring over the Transformers catalog. (Now, don’t get me started on the catalog!) I knew Megatron became a bigger gun called Galvatron but did not know what led to it. So this movie really explained alot of my Transformers questions. And I got to find out the origins of Cyclonus and Scourge along the way!

Even decades since this movie was released, I still find it entertaining. By today’s standards, the animation techniques may be outdated but those who grew up with the Transformers cartoons then should still find it endearing. At least I did.

Another good news for those who caught this movie when it was first released is that now the animation is re-mastered with colour correction. One of the special features in this DVD is a side-by-side comparison of the difference of re-mastering. Not really a useful special feature for me but I guess there will be fans who appreciate it.

So if you are a long time fan of the Transformers (especially G1 Transformers), this DVD is a must-buy! Next on my new found Transformers diet are the Generation One comics from Dreamwave!




3 responses

14 03 2007
shaun wong

hey vince, the only copies available here are R1s right? you managed to get the lenticular cover one? No eng subs for R1s IIRC.

14 03 2007

yea. mine is R1 with the lenticular cover that varies the holder of the matrix between optimus and rodimus. it was the only one spotted then. yes, no subs at all. u getting one too?

11 02 2011
jordan bowden

i was wondering if i could get the name of a Japanese commercial for optimus prime. in the commercial he is called convoy and everyone is shouting his name. i remember that commercial being on the DVD and was wondering if i could get the name of the commercial and/or the model of convoy.

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