Musings – Hiatus @ SWFToys

8 03 2007

With no new incomings for the past week or so, I have taken a break since the last week of February from toy reviews. And in this short space of time, I accomplished the following:

  • Got married(customary wedding)
  • Replaced my domestic helper
  • Negotiated for new employment

Some major changes indeed! During this break, I have done some catching up on comics reading. I have some ten titles still tightly wrapped in their plastic bindings! It’s really a joy to experience some of the best comic works and lapping up all that excellent artwork and storytelling.

Anyway, my toy radar beeps again. A local toy store that I regularly pre-order from has informed me that several… yes, several of my pre-orders will be arriving next week.

Well, that is good news for the toy collector but everyone coming in together has got to hurt the wallet. But that is a good bad thing. So more 12″ coming in next week. Can’t wait for Legolas, Boromir and Ghost Rider to join us here at SWFToys!

Wait a minute… should I also get T-800 or T-1000? Or both? Sheesh…




2 responses

8 03 2007
shaun wong

congrats on your customary dude, you must be really really tired! Great news on your new employment, let me know when you get there. 🙂 looking forward to your pix and reviews as always.

8 03 2007

thanks man! very eventful period but i am most relieved that the hardest parts were over! now, i’d just have to find the right day to tell my boss about the job thing! 😛

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