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2 03 2007

Superman: For Tomorrow Vol 1

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Hot on the heels of my last comic read, 100 Bullets, comes another comic from the prolific Brian Azzarello! It is Superman: For Tomorrow Volume 1 and this trade collects Superman #204 – 209. And no doubt the penciller, Jim Lee, is a once again a major reason behind me picking up this comic. I had experience Jim in a Batman title(Hush) so I was really looking forward to his take on the Man of Steel!

Volume 1 of For Tomorrow is really an attempt by DC Comics to portray a darker Superman. It’s obvious from the many panels which had Superman brooding and introspective about his role on Earth. In addition, there were many blank eyes drawn to show a Superman slightly off the charts!

With the title character in a darker mood, the story unfolds with a sudden Rapture-like disappearance of millions of people all over the world. And it happened when Superman was no where near Earth but in space responding to call for help. Upon his return, he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of this catastrophe when he realised that his wife, Lois, was among those who could no longer be found on Earth. And so we have something that happened to humans and also affected the invincible Superman.

And it is not a physical enemy that he could pummel with his speed and strength. It is not a damaging blow that he would feel the pain of it. It was really something that he could not do anything about. And losing Lois… really hurt the Man of Steel. In a way, Superman felt helpless and desperate.

My personal take on this story is that it depicts a scenario of something or someone’s doing that is out of the league of even the mighty Superman. Maybe something spiritual like the Rapture-like disappearance? It was plane of existence that could not be found by Superman even though he had ‘searched everywhere twice’ . Literally EVERYWHERE TWICE!

In comes a character who is priest who is in his own state of desperation because of a physical condition. Both him and Superman meets needing to find a confidante in each other. Both wanted to bare their souls about something that would probably attracted a no-confidence vote from their believers.

The situations that Superman for all his might is helpless with continues to be explored in the setting of a civil war. Superman can take away and destroy fighting factions’ weapons but can he quell the defiance in the heart of a boy who hurls a rock at him? Being in an awesome blue and red suit does not necessary inspire peace to people in a different environment.

Superman: For Tomorrow Volume 1 is one of the better Superman stories because the reader stops expecting Superman to appear in the next panel and save the day immediately. Instead, they join the Man of Steel in search for the answers to solve the mystery. Brian Azzarello produces another thought-provoking story that is rather riveting. Several pages into it and I was planning to locate Volume 2 so that I would not experience a break in the story!

The art here is another testimony of an excellent Jim Lee work! It’s just plain joy to see this great artist flesh out the characters and their emotions. Can’t wait to get to Volume 2… but I’ve yet to be able to find it! Darn!




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8 03 2007
shaun wong

compared to Vol 1, Vol 2 was a disappointment in terms of storyline and how they resolved lois’ disappearance for me. Jim Lee’s art is great but the story left me wanting more. Hey try picking up birthright if you haven’t, its quite good. One of my fave stories of Supes is Superman for all Season, done by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, both now of Heroes fame.

8 03 2007

hey shaun,
yea, Superman For All Season is highly recommended by many readers although it has more of Clark than Supe. I’ve always wanted to pick it up but the cover art always make me think twice! Talk about judging a book by its cover!

Thanks for recommending Birthright as well. Will pick it up. How about Red Sun?

8 03 2007
shaun wong

funny, the same thing happened to me, I didn’t really like tim sale’s art then, but my friend kept telling me the story was worth it, though it was the umpteenth rewrite of Supes’ mythos. And the story is, Jeph Loeb did a great job on it. Their best work together IMHO is on Batman’s Long Halloween. Then Jeph had to go and spoil it all by rehashing the story for Hush. I quite liked their Spiderman Blue as well actually.

8 03 2007

Looks like I’d just have to take a leap of faith when I hold that comic in my hands. ha. Talking abt Spiderman Blue, Daredevil Yellow is critically acclaimed as well.

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