Musings – SWFToys heading to Hong Kong in March 2007!

22 02 2007

My friends and I will be heading to Hong Kong at the end of March 2007! I’ve been wanting to make a trip back there again for several reasons:

  • Re-visit Victoria Peak
    • Victoria peak tower was under renovation when I visited in Sep 2005.
    • It was raining heavily and so I missed the chance to enjoy the night scenery.
  • Visit Madame Tussaud’s
    • The wax museum was under renovation as well in Sep 2005!
  • Explore more of Hong Kong island
    • More of a touch and go here during my last visit.
    • Went too early and alot of toy shops were not opened.
  • Better coverage of HK toy shops!
    • Hope to get more pictures this time.
    • Maybe dig up more toy stores to visit.

So it is time to start formulating a Hong Kong Toy Plan!

As usual, I would be starting on some pre-trip research in the next few days. It’s likely that I will revisit all the toy stores that I had been to in 2005. Hopefully, I could better document the toy spots for the benefit of all Hong Kong bound toy hunters!

I’ll be shortlisting potential targets to acquire for this trip. As with the Japan trip, I should be buying just 1 or 2 figures. Nothing like the 2005 trip which was really crazy. Off my mind, I could think of Hot Toys because they are local products in Hong Kong. Surely, the price would be better! It now seems weird that I went to look for Hot Toys Superman while I was in Japan! But then, I had no idea I would be returning to Hong Kong months later. Anyway, I can think of the Hot Toys SOAR figure as a possible target. I’ve been wanting to get that guy for some time now.

This trip could also see myself getting some WWII military figures from Dragon or DID. I did find some shops with lots of such figures then. Which figure to get is still largely unknown. Maybe one of the units that landed on one of the Normandy Beaches? Or the 101st Airborne? I don’t know but they are good propositions to think about! And of course, I have not ruled out landing a Medicom Jack Bauer! Ha, that’s one figure that has eluded me for sometime.

The thing about shopping for toys in Hong Kong is the good discounts available. They are generally better priced than here locally. So it’s a real battle to resist buying ‘just that one more figure’! And the variety of toys available there is excellent. Comparable to Japan actually.

So, that’s some exciting thoughts for me to ponder about in the coming days. Hopefully, I can find new information to share with everyone here! More updates next month!




5 responses

22 02 2007
shaun wong

dude, I can see you going so wild there! Went there in Sept 2004 when I was into Gundam so had quite a bit of fun picking up stuff at more than 30% off SG’s RRPs. Was actually talking to Bunny Wong from the 1/6 shop at Shaw Towers about picking up loose 1/6 clothes for kit bashing in HK, but he said less chances of finding those there these days. When I went there, I was really clueless about the shops, but was quite lucky as the general retail stores had the stuff I was looking for. Hope you finally manage to snag your Jack Bauer! Oh and maybe a Medi Vader!

23 02 2007

hey shaun,
yes, a medi vader would be delicious as well! I’ll be interested in kit bashing clothes as well. With HT, DID and Dragon out of HK, it should be likely to find accessories for 1/6? Hope I can find some good spots for these to share with everyone!

24 02 2007

Have fun in HK. Really looking forward to your HK toy guide.

25 02 2007

Thanks Kenny. Let’s pool all information on toy hunting to make it a breeze for everyone!

27 02 2007
shaun wong

dude emailed you about 1/6 clothes.

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