Review – Sideshow 1/6 Jabba The Hutt

20 02 2007

There will be no bargain. I like captain Solo where he is. I don’t want to give up my favorite decoration.”

These words of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi underlined the reality that although the Jedi may have existed for centuries and their abilities well-known, not everyone in the Galaxy will accede to a Jedi’s request quite readily. For a crime lord, Jabba Desilijic Tiure was a curiosity. Being a Hutt, he was a huge loathsome slug-like creature to behold. It did not help his image that he was well-known to be cruel. Yet, his influence reaches the corners of the Galaxy. To top it all, he operated out of a barren and hot planet called Tatooine. How an obese guy like Jabba can be such an influential crime boss must have something to do with his ties to his powerful mafia clan. Even in Star Wars, family matters. Or else, Bib might had been the one to strangle the lights out of Jabba much earlier!

Although Jabba the Hutt’s first appearance was in Return of the Jedi was made possible through a massive puppet operated by half a dozen men, Jabba’s original first appearance was meant to be in the Docking Bay 94 scene in A New Hope. Unfortunately, the animation technology then did not allow the creators of Star Wars to bring Jabba’s huge slug-like character to life. They had to use a stand-in actor to play out the scene with Harrison Ford for the scene in Docking Bay 94. The scene that was meant to explain why Han Solo had a bounty on his head was never released in the original release of the Star Wars Trilogy.

It was only decades later in 1997 that George Lucas revisited that scene in the Special Edition release of A New Hope. I remembered the joy of spotting scenes and CG that were included in the SE version in the theatre then. Unfortunately for the Docking Bay 94 scene, Jabba the Hutt looked really fake. It was the first time I had seen him walk on his own and he seemed much smaller in size. You could tell that the CG generated Jabba was out of place. That immense presence and dread audiences felt in walls of Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi was absent. The fake Jabba was more of a slug alien talking with Han.

However, the attempt to ‘enhance’ the movie through CG should to be applauded. Afterall, it did allowed never seen before scenes like that of the Docking Bay 94 to be released to fans worldwide. As we know, the CG work on Star Wars led to improvements in the CG-laden Prequels. For an old-school fan, the un-CG Jabba will always be my favourite. I loved his snack munching, salivating and… the realism of his rough skin rubbing against Leia. Ouch! That’s the real Jabba for me.

Well, before Jabba’s throne arrives here at SWFToys, its onto the review.


Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt has an excellent sculpt resembling the original crime boss from Return of the Jedi. This unique offering from Sideshow is really big. With only 2 points of articulation, Jabba the Hutt can be seen as a statue from Sideshow (good sculpt) but minus the hefty weight. With no accessories, the decision to buy a figure like this at this price would likely be invoked by Star Wars fandom. Ensure you have the shelf space before deciding to buy it!

What’s good:

  • Superb likeness – big, fat and ugly!
  • Good details and paint job.
  • Accurate scale.
  • Finally someone did a 1/6 Jabba!

What could be better:

  • No accessories, they are sold separately.
  • Arm articulation cannot even allow him to put a snack to his mouth.

Review Details


Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt comes in a big, long box. Click here to see the pics. Plan for transportation should you ever want to get him. Unlike Hot Toys’ ED-209 box which came with a useful handle for easy carrying, there is none in this Sideshow package. Encased in the styrofoam box inside is Mr Jabba himself… all by himself since there are no accessories.


Well, the sculpt of Jabba’s face is really very good. The sculptors at Sideshow made sure this slug-like creature looks like the boss himself from Return of the Jedi. Fans of Jabba would be pleased to find all details on his face as seen from the movie is included in the sculpt. These include his infamous big yellow eyes, deformed looking nose and every bump and wrinkle on that big face.

Speaking of details, the Sideshow guys have also included his salivating nature into the paint work. Talk about a recurring nasty habit being second nature! Nice touch.

Quality of Product

Looking at Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt, one has no doubt that great pains have been put in to design and sculpt the entire figure. Every fold of Jabba’s fat and different skin texture have been sculpted really well. I could spot five different skin textures – Upper torso, belly, upper back, lower belly and lower back to the tail. This excellent attention to details underlines the seriousness of Sideshow’s foray into 12″ figures with the Star Wars licence.

Another familiar detail found on Jabba is the tattoo of his Hutt clan – the Desilijic kajidic symbol. This too, has been emblazoned on the right arm of Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt. Collectors can now re-enact the scenes with slave Leia down to the last detail! Another curious detail is the cut on Jabba’s tail. I have no idea how it got there. I would appreciate it if anyone knows the story behind that nasty looking cut!

Unfortunately, if you are looking for serious slug-like articulation here, you will not find it. This is because there are only two points of articulation which are found on the arms of Jabba. The articulation on each arm moves in a circular motion. It is not the usual ball joint offering multidirectional movement commonly found in 12″ nude bodies. So what you can do with the limited arm articulation is to re-enact him officiating the podraces in Episode I. He really can’t put a snack to his mouth! That is a real shame since there is a throne on the radar with his snack counter on it.

The scale of Sideshow’s Jabba is pretty accurate. I re-enacted some of the scenes from Jabba’s palace by having my Hasbro Bib Fortuna ‘whisper’ something to Jabba, posed my Hasbro Zam Wesell as slave Leia and had my Marmit Boba Fett stand at a distance away. The scale looks similar to that in the movie. I also had my Sideshow Han Solo ‘talk’ face to face with Jabba and Han was a tad taller than the Hutt – just like in the Docking Bay 94 scene. The scale is just right!


Now, this is one redundant area for Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt. It would take a seismic event the size of 10 on the Richter scale to make you start to worry about toppling this fella! With a low center of gravity and a wider-than-a-display-stand base, this is the epitome of stability!


Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt comes with no accessories. Period.







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