Musings – Dejarik Holochess Set: Intergalactic Game Anyone?

18 02 2007

Here’s something that caught my interest while I was surfing Sideshow’s website. It’s the Dejarik Holochess Set seen in A New Hope! It’s that game which R2 trounced Chewie soundly in the Millenium Falcon shortly after their departure from Tatooine! I must say that the Star Wars people at Sideshow are really making good use of the 12″ licence from LucasFilm. This chess set is a definitely unconventional and holds lots of promise for a Star Wars fan like myself!

It’s really a chance to own some of the less prominent surroundings in Star Wars. Collecting Star Wars pieces for myself is also a way to remember certain scenes in my favourite movie series. The Dejarik Holochess Set is a celebration of the incredible imagination of the human mind. For a film out of the 1970s, Star Wars actually set the precedence for a certain degree of the future’s technological thought. There was the hovering land speeder, servant driods, unconventional spacecraft designs, the lightsaber and many many other innovative… things.

The Dejarik Holochess Set saw the common day chess set transformed with hologram help. Chess pieces are hologram animated and thus not requiring bringing them out or keeping it at the end of the game. No chance for any to be lost either! The player could manipulate the ‘creatures’ on the board to the desired square and the chess pieces would animatedly walk there. That’s not the end of it. Attacking the opponent is taken literally as the ‘creatures’ on the chess board will pummel one another should there be a challenge.

It’s great that someone finally thought of making the Dejarik Holochess Set in 1/6 scale. Maybe we will see the Vader’s chambers or one of those neat Jedi council seats/ottoman someday? We can only hope the guys at Sideshow keep working on dreaming more of such goodies!

For more info on Dejarik, check out this Wookiepedia link.




4 responses

22 02 2007
shaun wong

I hope this means we’ll get to see a 1/6 chewie from sideshow soon!

23 02 2007

Yea! That’s what I’m hoping for too! Chewie is a main SW cast but he is usually made more like a gorilla or tree when it comes to 12″!

27 02 2007
shaun wong

yah hope they don’t go with fur for chewie, it’ll be so ugly!

28 02 2007

For that matter, I’m still missing on some MAJOR Star Wars characters. Most notably are R2 and 3P0! What blasphemy rite? I’m hoping one of the 1/6 producers will make them soon. Otherwise, it’s Hasbro.

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