Incoming – Sideshow 1/6 Jabba The Hutt

17 02 2007

It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year and the perfect holiday for giving attention to Sideshow’s biggest Star Wars figure – the 1/6 scale Jabba the Hutt! What an incoming this big guy had been when I collected him from the local store. Much longer and unwieldy than Hot Toy’s ED-209, I had to improvise quickly a way to strap him to my back when I transported this Hutt home on my motorcycle! I secured the box with an empty helmet bag (turned into a rope) which was in turn tied to another helmet bag which I slung over my body. I sat a little backwards on my bike so that my back would prop the box securely when I travelled on the roads. Thank God it did not rain that day!

Anyway, Sideshow’s Jabba the Hutt is one of the most anticipated Star Wars figures I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t recall another toy manufacturer producing a Jabba of this level of seriousness or for that matter… in the 1/6 scale! When the excellent Sideshow first announced the shocking but much welcomed news to produce this intergalactic gangster, everyone was speculating on the size of this slug-like creature! It was really a mind-blowing selection for the production lines! Sideshow, I love you guys!

Jabba the Hutt was (and still is) one of the most memorable and iconic characters in Star Wars. At a time when the Godfather movies were still fresh in movie-goers minds, Jabba was easily understood as the mafia of the future. I remembered the dark, dank interiors of Jabba’s Palace in The Return of the Jedi when I was a kid watching it… in an equally dark theatre. Somehow Jabba’s place seemed darker. Decades on, I still found Jabba a grotesque obese creature with a hippo size mouth. I mean, this guy salivates a lot, munches on weird snacks and throws dancers and security guards to a Rancor for heightened entertainment.

Despite Jabba’s on-screen grossnes, I found myself enjoying Jabba’s participation in making Han look over his shoulders in the Original Trilogy. Well, it led to more screen time to Boba Fett, gave Han the chance to say the famous ‘I know’ line and introduced a new house decoration called Carbon Freezed Han at a time not a lot of people would have such developed imagination. And this led to Princess Leia being bound… urm… seductively later on. Yes, the Original Trilogy was a lot more fun with Jabba and his henchmen around.

And so, I’ve decided that this is a must get to complete my Scum and Villainy collection. In fact, it is the perfect centerpiece! I can’t wait to have Bib, Lando in… I-can-see-pretty-much-of-your-face disguise and Boba surrounding him on my display cabinet! Good time to get those musicians too! Salacious Crumb and Leia Boussh should be in shortly to add to the party! I’m excited. I hope Sideshow will make Oola and that blue elephant guy! I can imagine these guys partying on the shelve when I am sleeping at night. Bet the Jedi and Empire group living in the neighbouring shelve will be envious!

And there is the question of Jabba’s throne… watch for it too!





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13 10 2007
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