Musings – The Question of Storage And Collecting Toys

13 02 2007

Here’s a peek into my storeroom… and showcasing my toy box storage corner! I am proud to say that this section (with the brown metal bars) of the shelf was entirely devised and constructed my me! Looks good doesn’t it? Ha. Anyway, this modification allowed the use of the space on the top half of the wall which would otherwise be empty had I just stacked my toy boxes from the floor up.

As one can see, it has been completely stuffed with my toy boxes. Most of them seen here are boxes formy Yamato 1/48 Macross valkyries, Kotobukiyas and 12″ figures. And the thing is that space is running out again. So I’ve covertly extended my shelf pace to the neighbouring shelf…


… and the top of the book cabinet in the study room. There are actually more boxes on the floor of the study. More engineering works are in the pipeline to extend the storage capacity in my study. Devising where to store these boxes is a common challenge for toy collectors.

Any fellow collectors who can identify with this issue as well? Sometimes I wonder how others do it? Any innovative, tried and tested method for keeping all these boxes neat and tidy? Do share.





2 responses

14 02 2007
shaun wong

dude, why never display your huge collection? or is it a WIP?

14 02 2007

oh. my display cabinet still has gaps in them. wanted to fill them up first before taking a full shot of it. btw, it’s nowhere near ‘huge’. so yes, it’s WIP.

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