Showcase – Hot Toys 12″ Alien Egg

10 02 2007

Here’s some pics of the 12″ Alien egg from Hot Toys which I had always wanted to pair up with my Alien Warrior for a … erm… species photo. The egg itself came with or is incubating a mini alien inside it which can be released when you … erm… unscrew the egg. It’s really hard plastic all around. Nothing slimy about it as seen from the movies. Worth a shot since there aren’t any Alien egg of this scale out there. Let me know if there are!





6 responses

10 02 2007


lol kidding,do you buy it separately? How much does it cost?

11 02 2007

yea. i got it separately for about… USD10? if only it was slimier… hmm…

12 02 2007

Check out the HT Warrior Alien and Power Loader over at Toy Fair….one expensive year!

12 02 2007

Thanks for the heads-up Gab! The power loader is awesome! We are looking at a 15″ machine? A hint to a Queen release? Really pushing the limits of my shelf space!

The alien warrior seems to be the 4th Alien out of Hot Toys. I may get another of these guys just to get my hands on a face-hugger!

12 02 2007
7 04 2011

there is a guy on ebay that makes them in this scale he do one open n one closed and i think he makes a face hugger too
all for 1:6th ( 12″) scale his email is

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