Showcase – My Kerberos Panzer Corps so far…

4 02 2007

With Takara’s latest Jin Roh release, my Jin Roh squad is clocking in at 4 of these red eye badass soldiers! Rounded them up for a quick photoshoot yesterday. The tallest of them all is the Takara Jin Roh. Coming in second is the Dragon version and followed by the ladies. The Dragon had problems balancing and had to lend some support from the Takara male. Made me appreciate the Takara construction! You can see the colour difference between the CG Midori version and the new Takara Jin Roh.

Enjoy these quick snaps!




8 responses

4 02 2007
Shaun Wong

very nice pix as always! Thank goodness I never got into this, or I’d be going crazy trying to back collect the rest of the figs.

4 02 2007

Shaun! Takara Jin Roh is really a great figure to have. It commands the same price as those Medicom Star Wars figs but it has what it takes to command that price! It’s really an example of excellent Japanese toy construction for a 12″.

6 02 2007

What a happy looking couple! I’m debating whether to get Midori as well, but what’s left is the German Grey version, which doesn’t look as appealing as the all black version.

6 02 2007

Gab, the back version is the version to get. Really nice piece. It’s amazing how it’s price shot up shortly after its release. Could not get it locally as the prices were high. In the end, I got mine via ebay.

19 02 2007

Amazing shots !!!!

6 03 2007

Awesome pics! I have the dragon version, wanting to know if the Takara is the best out of the group? Any metal pieces with the new Takara?

7 03 2007

Hi Doc,
Nope there are no metal pieces. Yes, the Takara male Jin Roh is the best of the group! Go get one!

27 03 2007

Thanks SWF! Just ordered one and can’t wait.

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