Comics – 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call

28 01 2007

100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call

Originally uploaded by swftoys.

Revenge for all its worth is what 100 Bullets is examining. It was this interesting premise that made me picked up its first installment – First Shot, Last Call.

I believe everyone had wanted some sort of revenge at some point in life. Payback was the word. In school, we wanted to enact vengeance on the class bully, we wanted to get at the sadistic sergeant in the army, we wanted to let a nasty colleague have taste of his own medicine at work. So revenge do have its own dictionary of related words that are all too familiar to everyone.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the prospect of being caught in the act of revenge often dissuades many from actually committing them. It ends up being an act in the unseen confines of the heart where the victimised is king and free to do whatever he wills.

Here is where 100 Bullets comes in with a mysterious character called Agent Graves who appears to certain individuals harbouring a grudge against another with a dangerous suitcase. In it are evidences linking a crime to a perpetrator as well as a gun with 100 rounds of ammunition. Best of all, Agent Graves assures the hurting or angry fella that the bullets are untraceable and will not implicate the wielder of the gun of any murder. We are talking: committing a crime you can get away with! Sounds like payback time!

And so First Shot, Last Call examines the different paths the decision to enact revenge will lead the wielder of the gun in its different stories. Some chose not to gratify the blood thirsty nature of the flesh and refrained from killing the one who had hurt them. Another walked down the same path but got his brains blown out because he got sweet-talked out of it by the person he had set out to kill. It does convey that a string of events are set in motion when you go down the revenge path. And some of these events are not in the control of the person holding the gun with the untraceable bullets. Those who sought violent means to resolve matters often die in violent ways.

Then there are those who had shot the gun, tasted the momentary sweetness of their revenge, felt the thrill of getting away with it, only to give themselves up years later due to guilt. They even have to try hard to convince the police that it was them that did it! Finally, revenge is shown to be felt by all man with none exempted. Even those that mete out the law will accept the way of the 100 bullets if the law is found wanting in dispensing justice.

It really comes down to the individual’s measurement of justice. While it is true that no one is above the law, going under it is often the easy and tempting way to resolve matters when justice is not served adequately to satisfy the grief of man’s heart.




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