Incoming – Takara 12″ Jin Roh

19 01 2007

A string of good figures have come in with the start of this new year and I’m enjoying breaking them out! The newest figure to be added into the playpen is Takara’s Jin Roh! You have no idea how excited I am about this fella! How cool can it be when you have a figure from the Jin Roh genre coming out from an excellent figure producer like Takara! We are looking at super pose-able, super stable, super quality and super accuracy here! Let’s hope it is all true!

Takara’s Jin Roh will be my fourth Jin Roh figure. I have 2 Takara’s CG Midori Jin Roh – one black and the other grey. And I have a more stiff-looking Jin Roh from Dragon. The prospect of rounding them all together for a pic is a dream… coming true!

Anyway, I started collecting Jin Roh figures about more than a year ago. I’ve always noticed that black character with the hauntingly cool Jin Roh mask and helmet on toy websites and forums but had never really looked into who this guy really is. And so it was that I decided to buy a Jin Roh anime DVD one day. I went home and watched it. And there they were in animated action from the feature film, Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade!

Although the story was slower than expected, it had a certain depth that resonated the underlying meanings of the film’s scenes. It used the Little Red Riding hood story but expanded the imagery for its own theme. Pretty good idea to weave the story with that evergreen tale so familiar to many. Unfortunately, of the 2 discs that came with the DVD set, one of it failed to play till today. I’ll probably go download it from the Internet someday.

Anyway, one does not need to understand the story behind the Kerberos Saga to appreciate this super cool looking figure. The excellent design speaks for itself!

The box is huge by the way…




4 responses

19 01 2007
shaun wong

another hefty purchase! looking forward to your cool pix as always 🙂

19 01 2007

Getting mine next week…..can’t wait!

20 01 2007

hefty purchase with a hefty box! good news is that finally Takara has improved on their box design!

3 02 2007
Review - Takara 12″ Jin Roh « SWFTOYS - Reviews, Showcase and Musings

[…] finally, Takara has gotten their act together and they have made this Jin Roh’s packaging collector friendly. No more tearing and negotiating through that sticky adhesive stuff when we try […]

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