Showcase – Riddell Darth Vader helmet

17 01 2007

Here is the other Riddell Star Wars minature helmet that I have… Darth Vader! The other is Boba Fett. I got the Vader helmet off eBay. At that time, I was aware of the Riddell line of Star Wars helmet. But the auction I was contemplating bidding on did not state the word ‘Riddell’ anywhere in the auction. The pictures taken were close-up and it looked really fabulous. And then I had to ask the eBayer a stupid question if the helmet was wearable! Ha, got a sacarstic reply as a result.

Stupid because I should have known that a 1:1 Vader Helmet even if it is made of ABS resin would cost at least USD150. Well, I got the Riddell for much less.

So this helmet will bring to remembrance the ending scene of Luke removing Vader’s mask because he wants to see his son “with his own eyes”. Very touching scene. The Vader helmet can be further dismantled to detach the face mask from the neck brace. This will reveal the circuitry like the speaker mikes clearly. I did not take it apart at this level for fear of breaking something. Sorry about that. But I did take a close-up of some of the electronics in this minature replica.





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16 04 2009
How to Get Six Pack Fast

Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that chat who told me to visit your blog 🙂

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